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Role playing games

Many popular role-playing series (Ultima, AD&D) were released for the Atari ST. The most popular RPG however was ST exclusive for a while: Dungeon Master was one of the most popular ST games.

Program Version Date
Abandoned Places 1: A Time for
Amberstar 1992-01-01
Annex 1995-01-01
Bann von Doodebroode I 1992-01-01
Bann von Doodebroode II 1993-01-01
BattleTech 1988-01-01
Champions of Krynn
Corporation 1990-01-01
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Death Knights of Krynn 1991-01-01
Die Gemäuer von Kalawaum 2.01993-04-12
Die Gemäuer von Kalawaum II 1.101995-07-30
Dragonflight 1990-01-01
Dragons of Flame 1989-01-01
Dungeon Lord
Dweabys Quest 1988-01-01
Fate Master
Hard Nova
Hero Quest 1991-01-01
Hillsfar 1.1
Lands of Fantasy 1996-04-15
Lap of the Gods 1993-01-01
Legend of Fairghail 1990-01-01
Merchant 2018-11-03
Mythos 1.11993-01-01
Paths of Glory
Projekt Terra 1991-01-01
Robinsons Requiem
Sandor 1989-01-01
Secret of the Silver Blades 1991-01-01
Seven Little Horrors 1988-01-01
Shadow Sorcerer 1991-01-01
Sleeping Gods Lie 1989-01-01
Space 1889
Star Command 1988-01-01
Sumkuvit's Labyrinth
Sumkuvit's Labyrinth II 1.01992-02-20
Sword of Kadash 1985-01-01
The Bloody Blade 1989-01-01
The Curse of Azriel
The World of Quest 1993-01-01
Times of Lore 1988-01-01
Towers II 1.2c1995-01-01
Wiliness 1.0b
 RPG (2D) 
Angband 1989-01-01
Asgard 1987-01-01
Autoduel 1986-01-01
Demon's Winter 1.01989-01-01
Disciples of Steel 1991-01-01
Eden Blues
Gold of the Realm 1988-01-01
Lords of Chaos 1990-01-01
Paladin 1989-01-01
Phantasie I
Phantasie II
Phantasie III 1987-01-01
Questron II 1988-01-01
Rings of Medusa 1990-01-01
Rings of Zilfin 1987-01-01
Temple of Apshai Trilogy 1986-01-01
Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress 1985-09-25
Ultima III: Exodus 1986-01-01
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar 1987-01-01
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny 1990-01-01
Ultima VI: The False Prophet 1990-01-01
Universe II 1986-01-01
Universe III 1989-01-01
Wizard Warz 1987-01-01
Wizard's Crown 1987-01-01
Ynis Witrin - Isle of Glass 1991-01-01
 RPG (3D) 
Adventures of Robin Hood 1991-01-01
Alien Fires 2199 AD 1987-01-01
Alternate Reality: The City 1986-01-01
Anoraks of Doom 1.011995-01-01
Arcan 1993-01-01
Chaos Strikes Back
Crystals of Arborea 1990-01-01
Dark Stone Ritual 1992-01-01
DGEM 1.2C2018-05-26
Dungeon Master
Fate - Gates of Dawn
Galdregon's Domain 1988-01-01
Ishar I - Legend of the Fortress
Ishar II - Messengers of Doom
Ishar III - The Seven Gates of Infinity
Legends of Valour 1992-01-01
Midwinter 1989-01-01
Midwinter II - Flames of Freedom 1991-01-01
Nishiran 1995-01-01
Realm of Reality
Shadowlands 1992-01-01
The Bard's Tale I 1987-01-01
The Bard's Tale II 1988-01-01
The Dark Wars
The Mystic Well
Towers 1993-01-01
Walls of Illusion 1993-01-01
Xenomorph 1990-01-01
Agadan Reich Mandria
Alien 1990-01-01
Allein in Eritra
Anderwelten 1.3
Ararnyn 1990-01-01
Ararnyn II 1990-01-01
Das Geheimnis von Midgard 1991-01-01
Das gläserne Schwert
Das Taschentuch
Die große Flut 1.01
Die Meister der Dimensionen
Die Stadt der Dichter
Die Wiederkehr des Zauberers
Eine fast wahre Geschichte 1991-01-01
Fürsten der Finsternis
Grab von Manuelos
Jenseits des Flusses
Rat der Weisen
Schatten über Rhodin
Über Nedimor
 RPG - Rogue-like 
Hack ST 1.03
Hero 1.01988-01-01
Moria 4.87
NetHack 3.4.1
NetHack Shell 1.08
Rogue 1986-01-01
Rogue II - Return to the Dungeon 1986-01-01
Unix Moria 5.22
141 Programs total.