Programm Role Version Datum
Air Bucks Publisher 1.001992-01-01
Caesar Publisher 1992-01-01
Cohort II - Fighting for Rome Publisher 1992-01-01
Crime City Publisher 1992-01-01
Discovery - In the Steps of Columbus Publisher 1992-01-01
Paladin 2 Publisher 1992-01-01
Samurai - The Way of the Warrior Vertrieb 1992-01-01
Warriors of Releyne Publisher 1992-01-01
Afrika Korps Publisher 1991-01-01
Ancient Games Publisher 1991-01-01
Charge of the Light Brigade Publisher 1991-01-01
Cohort - Fighting for Rome Publisher 1991-01-01
Fighter Command Publisher 1991-01-01
Great Napoleonic Battles Publisher 1991-01-01
Jungle Jim Publisher 1991-01-01
Merchant Colony Publisher 1991-01-01
Tee Off Publisher 1991-01-01
Tornado Ground Attack Publisher 1991-01-01
Blitzkrieg May 1940 Publisher 1990-01-01
Final Conflict Publisher 1990-01-01
Legend of the Lost Publisher 1990-01-01
Renaissance I Publisher 1990-01-01
Rorke's Drift Publisher 1990-01-01
Web of Terror Publisher 1990-01-01
Emperor of the Mines Publisher 1989-01-01
Feudal Lords Publisher 1989-01-01
Super League Soccer Publisher 1989-01-01
Brick Busta Publisher
Eigth Army Publisher
FC Manager Vertrieb
Fort Apache Publisher
Striker (Impressions) Publisher
Trivia Gameshow Vertrieb
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