Version: 2.5 2010-09-23
Systems: TOS compatible
License: Commercial
Programmer Manfred Lippert
Distributor Application Systems Heidelberg
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◆ STE ◆ TTFalconCT60
◈ HadesMilan ◇ FireBee
Resolutions: all
Supports: BubbleGEM, GEMScript, AV/VA
Language German, English, French


Availability: Floppyshop Product Demo 6098 (Jinnee 1.0)
CD-ROMs: ST-Computer Leser CD 7/2001 (Jinnee 2.5), The Very Best of Atari Inside II (Jinnee 1.0)
Articles: ATOS 04/97
Ein neues Gesicht für lhren ATARI: jinnee (ST-Computer 09/1997)
ATARI-Tuning per Software (4) (ST-Computer 11/1997)
ASH-jinnee 2.0 (ST-Computer 10/1999)
Interview mit Manfred Lippert (jinnee) (ST-Computer 10/1999)
MyAtari 03/2001
Links: Manfred Lippert
Application Systems Heidelberg

FireBee notes

2.5FreeMiNT/FireTOS (beta 13, 12.1.2013)FirebeeCrash during startupDoes not boot. With 68kemu it boots, appears for 0,5 seconds and exits immediatly.