What is BubbleGEM?

BubbleGEM is a small, resident application originally conceived by Thomas Much. It implements "bubble help": Short hints that are displayed when hovering over a button or another UI element and pressing the right mouse button. It only works for programs supporting it though - which a lot of applications released in the late 90's/early 2000's did. In addition top the original, there are alternatives to BubbleGEM that are compatible with every app supporting bubble help.

GBubble 0.85.2 System extensions 2003-01-12
At some point the source code of BubbleGem was published. But BubbleGem drew mercilessly on the screen and blocked multitasking. With the source code (in Pascal) it was easy to reconstruct the functionality in GFA-Basic. Unfortunately GBubble was only a fast hack and that is how the source code looks like. GBubble imitates all functionality of BubbleGem but does not block multitasking. GBubble displays the texts in a window. Hereby the source code of GBubble is made available to the public.
BubbleGEM 07 System extensions 1998-08-04

Freedom 2 2.05 Control panel 1997-09-13
The latest version of an extremely powerful file selector. It is completely multitasking capable and therefore does not bring other programs to a halt. It also supports long file names, multiple selections and can be operated completely via the keyboard. The file selector also offers convenient access to CPX and the new EPX modules. This means that programs such as XControl or Cops are no longer required. One advantage of this combination is that less memory is used than with two individual programmes.
Program Version Date
 Science & Education 
Equation Calculation 1.612020-03-11
Chrysalis 1.3b2003-01-26
Cocktail 1.62001-02-24
Coffee 6.242020-03-16
Express 1.32003-10-20
Follow Me! XP 1.02002-07-22
Gaston 1.12003-01-26
Kalender (Gröbel) 1.3
Kohl-Emulator 1.1
Lotto 1.012000-09-01
Nährwert 2.012014-05-18
Vorlex 1.99F2004-11-11
Milanopoly 0.612020-03-15
Peking 3.112004-02-17
 Image editing 
PhotoTip 3.102001-11-21
Smurf 1.062007-08-22
Smurf 1.06
ST-CAD 1.632000-10-21
Oszi 02
A-Z 2.61999-07-04
Cresus 1.2G2019-08-03
GEMGraph 2.202001-10-07
Luna 2.10b45292002-09-25
Texel 2.2
aFTP 1.55b1999-12-04
AI Bulk 0.92001-05-23
Alta Lista 2.61999-10-08
AtarICQ 0.1762015-03-14
Chatter 1.11
En Vogue 1.102020-03-27
HomePage Penguin 3.062020-03-27
HTML-Help 2.602020-03-24
Joe 1.5C2014-03-15
Light of Adamas 1.8pre242013-08-03
Marathon 2.0PL82012-05-30
MyMail 1.962013-02-14
Popgem 2.3
Tabi! 2.1
 Programming languages 
Alert Help 2.2.12020-03-11
ergo!pro 3.2
faceVALUE 3.12000-07-22
KLib 1.02012-03-12
ArcView 0.832003-11-10
Attribute Setter 1.122003-08-07
BUBBLES 3.02001-01-16
Diablo CPX 1.141998-07-14
Fahrenheit 1.52019-12-26
GEM-Setup 2.012011-02-19
GEMTrade 3.0beta1
IdeaList 3.961
Jinnee 2.52000-09-23
MagiC-Configurator 1.262000-05-11
MControl R4
MemWatch 1.182010-09-14
Rational Sounds 2.0.2
Roman 2.12002-01-15
ShutUp 1.02010-03-04
Taskbar 4.122009-08-03
Aniplayer 2.23.12013-08-01
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