Gremlin Graphics

Program Role Version Date
Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond Publisher 1993-01-01
Harlequin Publisher 1992-01-01
Lotus III - The Ultimate Challenge Publisher 1992-01-01
Nigel Mansell's World Champion Publisher 1992-01-01
Plan 9 from Outer Space Publisher 1992-01-01
Space Crusade Publisher 1992-01-01
Hero Quest Publisher 1991-01-01
Lotus Turbo Challenge II Publisher 1991-01-01
Switchblade II Publisher 1991-01-01
Team Suzuki Publisher 1991-01-01
Utopia - The Creation of a Nation Publisher 2.01991-01-01
Combo Racer Publisher 1990-01-01
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Publisher 1990-01-01
Skidz Publisher 1990-01-01
Switchblade Publisher 1990-01-01
Toyota Celica GT Rally Publisher 1990-01-01
Venus - The Flytrap Publisher/Developer 1990-01-01
Axel's Magic Hammer Publisher 1989-01-01
Butcher Hill Publisher 1989-01-01
Dark Fusion Publisher 1989-01-01
H.A.T.E. - Hostile All Terrain Encounter Publisher 1989-01-01
John Lowe's Ultimate Darts Publisher 1989-01-01
Roy of the Rovers Publisher 1989-01-01
Super Scramble Simulator Publisher 1989-01-01
Dive Bomber Publisher 1988-01-01
Gary Lineker's Super Skills Publisher 1988-01-01
Masters Of The Universe Publisher 1988-01-01
Motor Massacre Publisher 1988-01-01
North Star Publisher 1988-01-01
Technocop Publisher 1988-01-01
Trailblazer Publisher 1987-01-01
Impossamole Publisher
Super Cars I Publisher
Super Cars II Publisher
Zool Publisher
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