GEM Games

These games will run in a GEM window and are programmed to be compatible with both classic Atari ST computers as well as modern multitasking environments and Atari compatible computers. All of them are resolution independent but might require a certain minimum resolution and colour depth to display their assets properly.

Program Version Date
Teenage Queen Reloaded 2.2C 2024-05-06
Milanopoly 0.61 2020-03-15
B+ Project 2019-07-26
DGEM 1.2C 2018-05-26
Sokoban (Peter Lane) 2016-05-27
StarShot 1.0 Action - Shoot'em Up (3D) 2023-04-30
Players: 1

Minesweeper (Harvey) 1.1 Minesweeper 2021-07-20
Players: 1

Miser Mind 1.0 Mastermind 2021-05-13
Players: 1
An adaptation of the 'Mastermind' game played with coloured pegs. You must guess the correct colours and sequence of the pegs by elimination. You can choose to have between four and eight pegs per row and use between six and twelve colours. You can also decide to allow or disallow blanks and more than one peg of the same colour in a row. Docs and RSCs in both English and French.
Times 1.0 Tic Tac Toe 2021-05-13
Players: 1-2
A computerised version of Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe if you're American). Unless it's being played by a young child every game is likely to result in a draw if playing against the computer. The author has addressed this by making the game networkable so that you can play against a friend by modem or MIDI (humans are less predictable than computers!). You can of course both play on the same computer without networking if desired.
Mind Sweeper 1.1 Minesweeper 2021-05-13
Players: 1
Yet another Minesweeper clone. As is usual, you must uncover squares all the squares in a grid without detonating one of the hidden bombs. This variant allows you to choose between 3 different board sizes and six difficulty levels. It even has a built-in cheat mode, should you wish to use it. An added feature is its tournament mode which lets you compete against a friend, playing an agreed number of games and having your scores recorded in a highscore table. Includes on-line Help in both English and Dutch.
Trax'ion 0.1x Strategy 2021-05-12
Players: 2
A strategy based board game for two players. The game consists of 64 identical tiles with black and white straight sections on one side and black and white curved sections on the other. The players take turns and aim to build a track which connects two of the four sides of the playing area. The first player to achieve this wins. The Atari version of Trax is in French but gameplay is simple enough that this need not cause a problem. The TRAX.FAQ (which explains the rules of the game) is in English.
Traps 1.1 Minesweeper 2021-04-23
Players: 1
Find the whereabouts of traps by clicking on squares with the mouse. The object of the game is to clear all the squares without setting off the traps.
Mosaic Puzzle game 2021-04-21
Players: 1
A puzzle game played with a set of 2 by 2 tiles on a 24 by 24 playing area. The object of the game is to place tiles in such a way that squares of the same colour are connected.
Robugs Simulation 2021-04-17
Design and build your own robots and watch them interact on a playfield which you also design. A very involved and challenging game.
Samok Tic Tac Toe 2021-01-18

Q! Board games 2021-01-12

Lineup-4 Four wins 2020-12-08

Numbers 2 Puzzle game 2019-10-23
Small puzzle game in GEM style, which should run on all Atari computers.
Sokoban (Hagedorn) 1.0 Sokoban 2019-09-23

Bao 1.3 Kalaha 2019-09-21
Players: 2
Bao is a game for two players. In the original version you can also play alone against the computer. The playing field (a thick wooden board) consists of four rows of eight squares each (small depressions) in which the game pieces are placed. The top two rows belong to one player, the bottom two to the other, and each board starts with two pieces. The aim of the game is either to make the opponent unable to move or to empty the upper row of the opponent (in the case of the upper player this is the second row from above, because the opponent is sitting opposite).
B+ Project Beat'em up 2019-08-29
Reprogramming of the fighting game Barbarian in GFA-Basic.
BITS 1.1 Puzzle game 2019-08-27
Game. Find the bits
Fifteen (Acc) Puzzle 2019-08-25
Sliding game incl. clock as accessory.
Solitaire (Hemsen) Solitaire 2019-08-03
Players: 1

Symmetry 2.1 Puzzle game 2019-08-02
GEM game where the goal is to detect errors in the symmetrical figures.
Schieber 1.10 Puzzle 2019-07-31
An image is divided into rectangles and must be reassembled.
Nimm!!! Puzzle game 2019-07-30
Difficult variant of the Take game
SpuerHirn Mastermind 2019-04-13
Plays Mastermind in different difficulty levels. Up to 60,000 possible variations. Good design.
Desktop Solitaire 1.02 Card games 2018-10-02

Multi Piskvorky 0.99b Tic Tac Toe 2018-09-29
Players: 1-2

Spiegel Puzzle game 2018-05-31
Players: 1
Game of skill in which a laser beam must be directed by means of mirrors.
Spielesammlung 2 Game collections 2017-06-14
Sogo: - 4 Wins in 3D,<br> InSeries- TicTacToe with extensions <br> Square loses - reversal of 'Four wins',<br> Babylonian Checkers: - Reversal of the babilon. checkers,<br> Old German Checkers - a classic,<br> Spanish Checkers - similar to the German Checkers,<br> Spanish batting Checkers - ...and the other way around
Schlagdame 1.0 Dame 2017-06-10
The counterpart to DAME. Here the one who loses all the stones wins. A very interesting variation. The pieces are selected by mouse, the moves are logged and analyzed. Different playing strengths, move suggestions, training mode, as well as loading and saving a game. Different board sizes.
Sokoban (Peter Lane) Sokoban 2016-06-05
A GEM version of the classic puzzle game, Sokoban. This program should work on all Atari machines, from Atari ST to Firebee.
Line Raiders Skill - Tron 2016-02-07

Yopaz IceStar Puzzle game 2015-11-15

Mah Jongg 1.2b Mahjong Solitaire 2015-08-27
Players: 1

Mastermind (ACC) 1.0 Mastermind 2015-07-21
Plays as a program or accessory on Atari ST and TT.
CREATURES 1.00 RPG 2015-02-13
The initial situation is probably not completely unknown: A group of heroes is fighting monsters that have to be destroyed. The goal of the heroes is survival and becoming stronger. With the help of captured weapons, spells and treasures, the heroes develop their different characteristics. Runs on all Ataris from 640 x 400, on the Falcon in VGA (640 x 480) and even on large screens. Up to 8 players, multiplayer mode via MIDI cable and 2 computers.
ST-Skat 3.2 Card games - Skat 2015-02-01
The computer takes over 2 game partners. The program can play Grand, Null, Hand, Ouvert and can also announce Schneider and Schwarz.
The Ultimate Minesweeper 0.1 Minesweeper 2014-12-31
Players: 1

Tetris (Hargreaves) Tetris 2014-12-13
Players: 1

Isola (Grellier) 3.20 Strategy 2014-11-29
Players: 1-2
A puzzle game for one or two players. You must stop your opponent from moving around a grid by destroying squares and moving to an adjacent square in turn. Neither player can move onto destroyed squares.
Halma (Busse) 1.0 Board games 2014-07-06

Clicks 1.13 Puzzle game 2003-11-10
Implementation of a game known as Samegame, which I encountered in the Windows game Kyodai Mahjongg. The goal of the game is to remove all adjacent tiles of the same color if possible.
Das verrückte Labyrinth 1.2 Board games 1995-06-01
Players: 2-4
The Crazy Labyrinth is a computer conversion of a board game for 2 to 4 players. It fulfills all GEM standards and can therefore be run on any TOS-compatible system and in any resolution.
WinTris/ACCTRIS 1.0 Tetris
Tetris variant that works in a GEM window.
Santa Run 1.2 Arcade
Keyboard Control Santas direction (left, right) and speed with the arrow keys. Collect Candy Canes and Presents avoid hitting Trees and Snowmen. The faster you go the more points you earn. Game runs until you have no time left.
Puzzle Slide 1.0 Verschiebepuzzle
The purpose of the game Puzzle Slide is to slide fifteen squares labeled A through O around on the board to get them in alphabetical order. The empty square on the board is represented by a black area. To move a letter square into the empty space, position the mouse pointer to the left, right, above or below the empty space and press the left mouse button. More than one square may be be slid toward the empty space at one time, by clicking the mouse on a square further left, right, above or below the empty space. Clicking the mouse on a square that is not left, right, above or below the empty space has no effect.
Wormania 1.6 Skill - Snake
Players: 1-4
Wormania is a GEM Implementation of the well-known “Worm”-Game.
Yams Minesweeper

Window Ball Arcade - Breakout/Arkanoid
Breakout clone. Too fast on anything faster than a stock ST.
Sarien alpha Adventures - Interpreter
GEM Sarien is a Port of the Linux Version and is able to run older Sierra Graphic Adventures in a GEM-Window. You need at least (and minimum) MagiC 6.0 because the Sounddriver of Sarien and the GEM-Userinterface of Sarien are running as MagiC-Threads. This alpha-Version currently only plays AGIv2-Games and saving/restoring Games is disabled. Due to the high-portability of the source, the Graphics part is very slow. A complete rework of this part to native VDI need to be done. AGIv2 Games are: Kings Quest 1-3, Leisure Suit Larry 1, Space Quest 1 and 2 and Police Quest 1. AGIv3 Games are: Kings Quest 4, Man Hunter 1 and 2 and Gold Rush.
Reversi (ACC) Othello/Reversi
The popular game as an accessory.
Yatzee 3.2 Dice Game - Yahtzee
Yukon F Card games
Perhaps the best ever implementation of Patience on the Atari. It basically follows the normal rules of the traditional card game but has three skill levels. It is possible for you to design your own cards and use your own (HSN format) sound samples. On machines with DMA sound, the supplied sounds add to the atmosphere. On an STFM, you can get the same effects if you have Petra and Paula installed.
Rosemary's Racoon Strip Game 2.1D Gambling
Naughty Strip game released for the MagiC Online Contest 1999. This is a rewrite of an old game published by the French ST-Magazine. You can play with Rosemary Racoon, Kathy Koala and Peggy Pinguin.
Thrust (GEM) 0.5 Action - Thrust
How many of you remember Thrust on the C64, Spectrum and others? This is the ST version and it runs in a GEM window. For those unfamiliar with the original, you control your spacecraft in a similar manner to that used in the game Asteroids (except there are no asteroids!) and must avoid crashing and being hit by enemy fire. The goal appears to be to destroy the other spacecrafts and find a ball located somewhere within the level. Reaching the ball results in completion of the level. Only one level is supplied but you can make up more using any monochrome graphics package and a text editor.
Zack 1.2 Four wins
Four Wins variant for all resolutions.
Vier Gewinnt Four wins
The rules of 'four wins' are very simple. In a matrix-shaped playing field with seven columns and six rows, two players take turns placing pieces of their color. Only the lowest free positions in each column are allowed. The aim of the game is to line up four pieces of your color horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
ZDoko 1.2.0 Card games

Puzzle ACC (2) Verschiebepuzzle

Puzzle ACC Verschiebepuzzle

Puzzle 97 1.01 Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle game which runs in any resolution. Load up an IMG file (its colour depth must not exceed that of the current resolution) and select whether you want the puzzle made up from large, medium or small sized pieces. The actual number of pieces varies dependent on the size of the image. You are then presented with a conventional jigsaw puzzle on screen in a scrollable GEM window. Unlike the real life scenario, all pieces are the right way up. You can place pieces directly onto the playing area or build up sections of the puzzle independently of each other then move them into place on the main puzzle. Unfortunately the program and docs are in German and Polish but it can be picked up in five minutes as everyone knows how to make up a jigsaw puzzle! This is the best ever attempt at such a program. Several example files are supplied on disk and you can save semi-completed puzzles at any time and resume them at a later date. On an STE, TT or Falcon, you even get stereo sound effects! Runs fine on an FM too. If you don't have NVDI installed, you need to run the supplied ENHANCER program, otherwise PUZZLE97 won't work.
Pinguin 1.03 Minesweeper
A rather curious adaptation of the familiar minesweeper type game where you must uncover all squares on the grid which do not contain a penguin. The squares which surround a penguin always indicate how many penguins are in adjoining squares. A number of preset grid sizes are available or you can design your own. You can also decide how many penguins will be hidden in the grid. SpeedoGDOS and Multi- TOS compatible. NOT TOS 1.0.
Pentagon 0.2.5 Puzzle game
Pentagon is a two-player game where players take turns to place tiles onto a grid. The tiles may be pushed onto the grid only from the edges, and only if there is room left for any existing tiles to be pushed along the specified row or column.
Peking 3.11 Mahjong Solitaire
Players: 1-2
Peking is a board game which should also be known as Shanghai. The aim of the game is to remove the game pieces from the board according to certain rules until there are no pieces left. A two-player mode is also available on request.
Patience (GEM) 1.0 Card games - Patience
Patience running in GEM in 2-256 colors, also on the Falcon.
Pacman for GEM 0.2.5 Pacman
Pacman for GEM is an ordinary Pacman game, similar to the original. The difference between this and other implementations is that this one runs in a GEM window on any Atari or compatible machine.
Packy 1.0 Pacman

ZDrachen 2.2.0 Mahjong Solitaire

Othello! Othello/Reversi

Schieb ST Verschiebepuzzle
Nice game. Can also be used as an accessory.
Sim City 1.00 Simulation
Players: 1

Vier Gewinnt 1.1 Four wins

Triple Yahoo 1.0 Dice Game - Yahtzee
A multi-player GEM Triple Yahtzee game for Atari ST/STE/TT and Falcon Computers. Supports digitized DMA Sound, 3D buttons, SPEEDO/GDOS fonts, and colored icons if available. Works in ALL resolutions and all color modes including graphics cards. It also runs under MultiTOS.
Thor 3.36 Othello/Reversi

The House Quest II 1.01 Adventure - Point & Click
Text/graphic adventure with mouse control The Story : In the sequel to 'House Quest I', the player learns that his opponent from the first part is still among the living and is once again reaching for world domination. This must be prevented!
The House Quest I 2.03 Adventure - Point & Click
Textadventure with mouse control. The story : The player has to carry out a dangerous mission as an agent of the United Nations Secret Service and save the world in the process.
Tetris X 2.3 Tetris
Players: 1-2
Tetris variant, two players can play simultaneously.
Teenage Queen Reloaded 2.2C Card games - Poker
Teenage Queen Reloaded is a GEM rewrite of an old French strip poker game. The purpose is to play it again on the desk, on the latest Atari machines or the new emulators. You must have the original disks to satisfy the copyright.
Tic Tac Toe (Szekely) 1.0 Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe is a computer version of the ever popular game of the same name. Tic Tac Toe is a two player game where you can play against another person, test your skill against the computer, or just for fun watch the computer play itself. By selecting setup from the menu on the right side of the game, you can select who is X, who is O, who goes first and who goes second, and whether each player is human or a computer. You can also enter your name in by clicking on the name field at the top of the player menu and typing in your name.
STune 0.95 Strategy
The universe is at war. Unlawfully, the Macrosaft Empire, led by Gill Bates, has set out from its solar system "Pessimi OSi" to conquer the solar system "Boni OSi". Tirelessly, the empire drains the juice of life from the planets Aratis, Acoris, Applis, Amigis and Lunis. But whoever has the juice has the power. In order to stop this undertaking, rebellions have been founded on the planets, which have only one goal: To banish the Macrosaft Empire! The people of Aratis have chosen you to be the leader of the rebellion on Aratis, the steppe planet. It is now up to you whether the people of Aratis will survive. You must now wisely extract the juice and fight against the evil empire at the same time. Are you up to the challenge?
Stello 2.1 Othello/Reversi
Players: 1-2
Stello 2.1 is a Shareware Othello playing program. It has a remarkable playing strenght, several play levels and works under Gem. It should work on all Atari computers, and in all screen resolutions (x resolution must be at least 640). It supports several features from multitos, such as 3d look, iconification, drag & drop protocol and multitasking. The interface has dialogs in windows, 3D buttons and 3D checkboxes even on old tos versions. Supports GDOS and Speedo GDOS. Supports human vs human, human vs computer and computer vs computer game mode. (Dan Baldrick)
TicTacToe (Cadenza Software) 1.01 Tic Tac Toe
Cadenza Software have done it again. This excellent noughts and crosses game is impressive in presentation, multi-tasking friendly and lets you play against a friend or the computer (a worthy opponent).
Tramiel Quizz 1.1C Quiz

Tricky 2.71 Dice Game - Yahtzee
Tricky is a conversion of Kniffel (some people know it as Yahtzee), the well-known dice game. With Tricky you and up to three other people can try to get a place in the leaderboard. Or play against up to three computer opponents.
Spanische Schlagdame 1.00 Dame
Variation of the game of checkers. The first player to have no more stones wins.
Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress RPG (2D)

Triple Yahtzee 2.0 Dice Game - Yahtzee
Players: 1-6
Dice game for 1-6 persons. Completely mouse-controlled. With source code of the old version 1.0 and the new 2.0 in GfA-Basic.
Solitaire (GEM) 1.5 Solitaire
Yet another of those games played with beads, where the aim is to eliminate all the other beads from the board. What makes this one so different is that it runs as an ACC or PRG and is Multi-TOS friendly.
Solitair Solitaire

Tron 1.6a Skill - Tron
The well-known Lightcycles game - with many surprises - for two or three players. Adjustable speed, movie recording and playback, fully GEM compliant and playable under almost any resolution.
Sokoban 1.1 Sokoban

Snake Skill - Snake
A snake winds its way through life, looking for food. But sometimes it bites its own tail or bumps into a wall, which is not good for you.
Slay Rel.2 Strategy

Twogames - Box the Dragon Strategy

Slartris 1.3 Tetris
Players: 1-2
This game is a clone of the well-known (and popular) game "Tetris". It is based on the Gameboy version, which means that it pays off in points to clear several lines at once.
Twogames - Mastermind Mastermind
Players: 1

Tic Tac Toe - Snow Edition 1.01 Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe for two players, based on a modified version of the HighWire browser.
Shanghai PD 2.0 Mahjong Solitaire
he idea of the game is to remove pairs of matching pieces from a 3D pile of tiles. It's not as easy as it sounds! For those familiar with the game this one will present a new challenge. However, the use of lots of help screens means that with patience and practice, new users will become more adept too.
Orb 0.1.5 Sokoban
Orb is a Sokoban clone for all Atari machines and compatibles. It can be played with the cursor control arrow keys, but the mouse can also be used - click somewhere and, if there is a way to get there, the little creature will find it. There is undo in case you make an erroneous move and four slots for storing interesting positions to be returned to later. Orb scored 1st place in the 1999 GEM game competition organised by Magic online and Place to be.
3D-Labyrinth 0.1 Labyrinth

NOVA Mines 1.0 Minesweeper

Fanwor 1.13 Action - Adventure
Players: 1
"Fanwor - The legend of Gemda" is a game running on Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon (and compatibles) and since version 1.11 it also runs on Linux and other Unixes that are supported by the SDL Library. It has been written for the "Magic Game Contest 99" promoted by: "Magic Online" and "Place-2-be" Aim of this contest was to write the best remake of a classical game that runs under GEM/Magic. Fanwor is a remake of "The Legend of Zelda" - a great action adventure on the NES.
Der Große Wurf F Board games
A rather silly board game, intended for the users of the WI2 BBS in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Der Wurm (GEM) 2.5C Skill - Snake
Players: 1-4

DGEM 1.2C RPG (3D)
DGEM is a Dungeon Master clone. The program uses the images of the legendary game. So you must have the original disk of Dungeon Master or Chaos Strikes Back for the copyright.
Don't worry be Happy 2.0 Don't worry be happy
Implementation of the board game Don't Worry Be Happy in GEM. Colour and monochrome compatible.
Dr. Who-Quiz 1.01 Quiz
Players: 1
Dr. Who ist ein farbenfrohes GEM-Quiz, das auf der Sci-Fi Serie Dr. Who basiert, welche von der BBC produziert wurde. Mit einer Laufzeit von 25 Jahren (ohne "kreative Pausen") ist sie die langlebigste Sci-Fi-Serie aller Zeiten.
Emperor 1.13 Strategy
A strategy game for 1 to 4 players. Your aim to to produce sufficient consumer goods and military hardware to keep the population happy and expand your territory by means of conquest. This Shareware version restricts you to 100 moves, the registered version removes this limitation. Any number of players can be human or computer controlled and there's support for playing the game by modem over the phone lines.
Flip-Flop (PD) 1.0 Othello/Reversi
Flip Flop is a computer game similar to the board game Othello. The game starts with two white and two black playing pieces already on the board. One player's colored pieces on the board are white, and the other player's pieces are black. Each player takes turns placing a playing piece of his color on the board. You can only place your colored piece on the board next to an opponent's colored piece already on the board. After you make a move, all of your opponent's colored playing pieces between the playing piece you just put down on the board and any of the other playing pieces that are your color on the board are flipped over to your color. The object of the game is to have more pieces of your color, than of your opponents color, on the board at the end of the game.
Demineur Minesweeper

Four Wins 2.2 Four wins

Gameboy Game collections
Players: 1
GAMEBOY is a micro (20 KB!) game collection for the ATARI ST.The program runs on every TOS with all resolutions. It can be started as ACC and PRG. After starting it a window will apear. A klick on the icon 'close' will quit GAMEBOY. The right icon opens an alertbox for informations. After pressing a key or the richt mousebutton a alertbox appears. You can select one of the three games: Tetris, Snake and Pacman.
GEM Elite TNK Business simulation

GEM Gnu Chess 0.9 Chess
A very good chess simulator with a variety of functions available, including a piece editor, numerous skill levels and a hint feature for those moments when you need a little helping hand. Includes some good graphics and is fully mouse controlled.
GEM Panic 0.91 Action
Players: 1

GEM-Peaks 1.04 Card games - Patience
The rules are as known from Patience, but card colors are not used . Only the worth of the card counts: meaning 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ????, Queen, King, Ace. But you must imagine it as a Circle: it closes at the Ace and the 2. The cards can be collected up- and downwards to the next worth..
GEM-Qix 1.0 Skill - Qix
GEM-Qix is the name of an attempt to revive the classic Qix, which is easy to realize thanks to its less complex graphics. GEM-Qix was written as a contribution to GemCandy 2003, whose goal was to develop new games for GEM.
Denkmal Mastermind
Variant of Master Mind. Also runs as an accessory.
Defend the Earth 2 Action
Players: 1
DTE 2 is a simple, small shooter game, but (unusually) runs fully in GEM. The player controls a small cannon at the bottom of the screen with the mouse. With the cannon the many nasty little attackers who want to conquer the planet must be fended off. A little help for the game can be found in the game menu under Help.
GEMamigo 1.0 Go
GEMamigo version 1.0 by Warwick Allison. This is the first public release of gemamigo a port of the X11 port of the Amiga Go program AmiGo. GEM AmiGo runs in any resolution, including HiColor and TrueColor, and MIGHT work with just 512K.
Battle 1.0 Strategy
Players: 2
A simple two player turns based war game. Each player has four pieces and must move or fire in order to defeat the enemy. No instructions! Multi-TOS compatible.
Abalone 1.0 Abalone
Players: 1-2

ACC-Tris 1.64 Tetris

Asteroids for GEM 0.2.5 Arcade - Asteroids
This implementation of the well known game, Asteroids, uses authentic-looking scalable vector graphics. The game runs in a GEM window under any Atari or compatible computer, although an 030 processor is recommended as a minimum for smooth operation.
AtariGO 1.7 Go

Awele 1.02 Board games

Babylonische Schlagdame Dame
Babylonische Schlagdame is a board game for two people. It has similarity with the Polish Checkers.
Ballerburg 2.1 Strategy - Artillery
Remake of the Atari ST classic Ballerburg.
Black & White 1.61 Othello/Reversi
Beautifully designed board game with animated figure movement. The aim is to trap the opponent's stones, whereby these then change to your own color. Black & White offers a 2D and a 3D view, shows possible moves on demand and offers a computer opponent with six different skill levels (from beginner to master).
Dame 2 Dame

Boss Puzzle 2.1 Verschiebepuzzle

Boulder Dash GEM 0.1 Skill - Boulder Dash

Breakout 1.11 Arcade - Breakout/Arkanoid

Breakout (ACC) Arcade - Breakout/Arkanoid
Players: 1

Cadenza Dame
A GEM based version of the board game Draughts. Standard rules apply (explained in the doc). You play against the computer. Both PRG and ACC versions are supplied.
Centi 1.02 Arcade - Centipede
Shooter game similar to Centipede, can be installed as an accessory.
Cuba Libre 1.0 Puzzle game
Cuba Libre is a program that shows you how to solve Rubik's Cube.
GEMagnetic 0.8 Adventures - Interpreter
This is a GEM port of Magnetic 2.0 an emulator engine for running Magnetic Scrolls Interactive Fiction games. It was created for the Little Big Competition.
GEMcell Rel.1 Card games
GemCell is the GEM version of a Windows95/NT game called FreeCell. The aim of the game is to place the pieces starting from the ace and ascending, a kind of patience. A nice GEM game that runs on all computers and also in color.
NOVA Crossfire 1.0 Action
NOVA Crossfire by Huber Gerhard is a GEM based "crossfire" type shooter game. It runs as a desk accessory and is shareware (25 DM). It is from Germany and all the documentation is in German.
MoveIt 2.1 Sokoban
Puzzle game in which you push all the blocks in one level to the marked area in order to progress to the next level. Not as easy as it sounds, especially as you normally end up boxing yourself into a corner! Program in English and German, docs in German. Runs as an ACC or PRG. Multi-TOS friendly.
Merkmal Card games - Memory
Players: 1-2
Beautiful GEM version of the well-known game Memory. All resolutions up from ST high.
Milanopoly 0.61 Monopoly
Players: 2
This game is made for two players only. If you know Monopoly you'll feel quite familiar with Milanopoly. Gameplay is almost the same. You win the game by ruining the other play. You lose a game if you have less than -2000 Euro on your account. You can build houses and increase the rent if you own all streets of the same colour. Up to four houses can be build.
Mines 1.3 Minesweeper
Mines is a GEM-Clone of the well-known Minesweeper game with a german user-interface
Minesweep 2.21 Minesweeper
Once again you uncover the squares and avoid the bombs. The number revealed by a square indicates the number of mines adjacent to it. Grid sizes can be anything from 10x5 to whatever your screen will handle. Fully supports overscan, virtual screens and large screen monitors.
MineX 1.0 Minesweeper
Defuse a minefield
Minos (GEM) Labyrinth
Labyrinth as an accessory.
Mosaik Rel.1 Puzzle game
The symbols on the board can be removed in pairs by simply clicking on them; two stones can be removed if they can be connected by a line with no more than two corners so that the connecting line does not intersect other stones.
Mühle (Schmitz) 1.00 Mühle
<div>Mills game, optionally also with 3D display. GEM integration, runs cleanly in the window.</div>
Master (Stocker) 1.0 Mastermind
The well-known Mastermind game in a GEM version. The interface was created with an application construction set, the result is impressive. (all resolutions from ST-High)
4 Verliert 1.0 Board games

My Jester Fun - Phrasendrescher
MyJester is a Shakespeare insult generator. Sentences are displayed in a bubble, when the iconified window is clicked, while a naughty boy named Calvin is making faces at you.
Nanjing 2.0 Ishido
Nanjing is another game from the Play it again, GEM series. The aim of this old far-eastern game is to place 72 stones, which differ by pattern and/or colour, on a 12x8 square. Certain rules have to be followed, which makes solving the task quite tricky.
NetHack 3.4.3 RPG - Rogue-like
This is the GEM based version of the popular Unix based Dungeons and Dragons type game of the same name. Although it will run on any ST, STE, TT or Falcon with any TV or monitor, it is really designed for 16 colour, 80 column, VGA on the Falcon or TT medium res. The game has a similar feel to the old Gauntlet and Rogue games, although its origins go further back. Wander around, collect objects and potions, cast spells, destroy or avoid nasties and progress from one dungeon to the next. Hardened Nethack players will be glad to know that all the old keyboard commands are still supported as well as the old file format, so you can load in your saved games. If you're into these type of games, Nethack GEM is the best there is. Requires at least 2 Meg of memory. A hard drive is highly recommended but not essential.
Never Mind 1.01 Board games
Players: 1
Never Mind by Uwe and Jürgen Holtkamp is a GEM-compliant implementation of the well-known board game Mastermind. Four game strengths. Depending on color depth in black and white or color. Fully multitasking capable, runs on all TOS systems. Also executable as an accessory.
Newtris 2.2 Tetris
Combines Tetris and Columns in a single program. Also executable as an accessory.
NoMess 1.01 Puzzle game

Mc Coy 2 Dr. Mario
The aim of the game is to destroy the viruses. A virus is destroyed if four elements of the same colour are placed horizontally or vertically next to each other. Once all the viruses in a cup have been destroyed, you can move up to a higher level of difficulty.
Manoeuvre Strategy
Manoeuvre for GEM is a small strategy game for two players. What is different about Manoeuvre? You can play it over a network, so that two people at the opposite sides of the globe can play each other! (Or you you could play someone in the next room). Manoeuvre uses the STiK networking API, so it operates under STiK, STinG, and MiNTNet (via GlueSTiK) and any other STiK compatible networking system.
GEMory 1.0 Card games - Memory
A memory game where you click onto two squares to reveal the symbols beneath them, in the hope of getting a match. This variant is played against the computer on a 9x6 grid. Just to make things interesting, you get to continue play until you fail to get a match. Runs as a PRG or ACC. Multi-TOS compatible.
Invert Puzzle game

GEMTrek 1.2 Battleships
A cross between Star Trek and Battleships &amp; Cruisers. The storyline follows that of Star Trek with your computer controlled opponents being the Kingons or Romulans and your ships resembling famous crafts from the Federation Starfleet. However, that's where the similarity ends (well almost!). Gameplay itself follows that of the Battleships and Cruisers game where the aim is simple, to sink (blow up?) the enemy's ships. GemTrek is unsurprisingly housed in a slick GEM interface and runs as an ACC or PRG. It is of course fully Multi-TOS and MagiC Mac compatible. Docs in English and German, program in English, German and Swedish. On-line Help in ST-Guide (not included) format. Requires a minimum resolution of 640x400, so high res only if running on an ST.
Gmmines 1.0 Minesweeper

Go Go Dancer 1.0 Fun

Grab von Manuelos RPG - HASCS

Guess 1.01 Gambling
Guess is a simple guess-the-number game, it has limited GEMScript support and is no big deal. This is a special NAS 98 version. STGuide hypertext included.
Harfe 0.61 Card games

Invers 1.0 Othello/Reversi

JAY Minesweeper 2.2 Minesweeper

Manga Puzzle 1.2E Puzzle
Manga Puzzle is an albumware based on a ‘taquin’ game, as we call it in France. This game is a GEM conversion of an STE game written by Paradize group.
Kensington 1.2 Board games
Players: 2-6
Kensington is a computer conversion of a board game for 2 to 6 players. It meets all GEM standards and can therefore be run on any TOS-compatible system and under any resolution.
Kubis 96 Tetris
Tetris variant developed by Julian Reschke.
Landmine 1.0 Minesweeper
Players: 1
Minesweeper variant in colour and with sample sounds. Was supplied by Atari with the Falcon.
LineUp 1.0.0 Verschiebepuzzle
LineUp is a GEM puzzle game. The game consists of a grid, and you must slide the rows and columns of the grid to line up the tiles into an orderly pattern. The tiles can be of different colours or patterns, or for a more difficult game a picture can be loaded, and the picture must be unmixed by sliding the tiles.
Little 15 2.0 Verschiebepuzzle
A sliding puzzle game. You must unjumble the numbers in order to make them run continuously from 1 to 15. Good fun with several levels of difficulty.
Magic Stones 1.04 Tetris
Select from three games, all based around the Tetris theme. Tetris is a traditional clone of the game. Bitris is a two player version and Columns is very similar in style but rows can be made vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
Magisches Quadrat 1.0 Puzzle game
A magic squares game. The aim of the game is to place the tiles (numbered from 1 to 25) onto a 5x5 matrix so that all lines (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) add up to 64. Fully multi-tasking friendly. An excellent challenging puzzle game.
Zebuland 1.3 Puzzle game
Puzzle game from the Czech Republic with a new game idea. The program runs only in b/w, but can be started in all resolutions. demo version.
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