Classic Apps

These are the apps that defined the ST or were for some reason remarkable, innovative or unique.

Program Version Date
CAT 5.53 2010-08-09
Gemini 1.9999 1993-01-01
1st Word Plus (GST) 3.20 1991-01-01
Oxyd 1990-01-01
Gauntlet II 1988-01-01
1st Word Plus (GST) 3.20 Word processor - 1st Word

2nd Word Word processor
Only word processor on the ST which could display a whole page on an SM124 display.
Aladin 3.0 Emulators - Mac
Aladin allows to execute classic Mac applications on the ST. The Mac system roms (64K) are inserted into the cartridge.
Ballerburg (Patched) Strategy - Artillery
Shooting game in the Middle Ages: You and your opponent alternately set the direction and angle of your cannons and must try to hit the enemy king in his castle with well-aimed shots.
CAB 2.8 Browser
CAB is capable of reading HTML format documents. CAB 2.8 supports HTML 3.2, all HTML extensions of Netscape Navigator 3.0 (including Frames) and many extensions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
CAT 5.53 Maus net
CAT is a MausTausch front end program for the Atari ST. Maus is a German bbs network similar to fidonet.
Cubase 3.1 MIDI Sequencer

Cyber Paint 2.0 Animation

Cyber Sculpt Graphics - 3D graphic and animation

Degas Elite 1.1 Paint programs - ST Low/High

Dungeon Master RPG (3D)

Gauntlet II Action - Gauntlet and clones

Gemini 1.9999 Desktop - Gemini
A shareware replacement desktop for all Atari ST series computers.
GFA Basic 3 3.6TT Basic - GFA
GFA-Basic Interpreter. The most popular BASIC dialect for the Atari ST, thousands of programs were written in GFA-BASIC. The version 3.6TT is the last version published by GFA, which was adapted to the Atari TT. For multitasking systems the GFA-Basic Editor (GBE) is preferable. It runs under all resolutions and offers many new commands.
Goldrunner Action - Shoot'em Up (Vertical)

Megaroids Arcade - Asteroids
Asteroids clone
Midi-Maze II 1.5 Action - Ego-Shooter
MidiMaze II version 1.5 by Markus Fritze is a shareware "sequel" to the original MidiMaze game. This MidiMaze sequel is from Germany, and naturally everything is in German. As Hybrid Arts used to say "Kill a happy face!"
NEOchrome 1.0 Paint programs - Color

Notator 3.1 MIDI Sequencer

Notator SL 3.21 MIDI Sequencer

Oids Skill

Oxyd Puzzle game
Game similar to Esprit by the same author. First you have to master 100 landscapes alone and then 100 more in two-player mode with two ST's connected via MIDI. Only the first ten levels are playable, then you encounter an obstacle that can only be removed by entering a code word.
PC-Ditto 3.96 Emulators - PC

Pure C 1.1p C

Signum! zwei 2.01 Word processor - Signum

Spectrum 512 1.01 Paint programs - Color

ST Speech 2.0 Speech
Speaks every typed sentence
ST Writer Elite 4.8 Editors - Full screen
On the 8-bit Ataris the Atari Writer was a very popular editor. Less known is its ST counterpart, the ST Writer Elite. Never commercially distributed, the full-screen text editor has been updated several times.
STAD 1.3+ Paint programs - Monochrome

Tempus 2.25 Editors

The B.I.G. Demo Demos - Demo

The Pawn 2.4 Adventures - Grafik

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