Jochen Hippel

Program Role Version Date
Turrican II - The Music Music 2016-02-01
Accidental Intro Music 1999-06-17
Nibe Music 1994-06-27
Never-ending Colouring Book Music 1994-01-01
Not Funny But I'm Smiling Alone In Front Of My ST Music 1993-02-23
First Try In ASM Music 1992-09-04
Styx Music 1992-09-04
The Megazoomer Skroll Music 1992-09-04
Who Are We? - The Members Screen Music 1992-09-04
Amberstar Music 1992-01-01
Rings of Medusa II - The Return of Medusa Music 1.121992-01-01
Autoboot Installer Music 3.41991-10-25
808 State Music 1991-01-01
Ghost Battle Music 1991-01-01
Tangram (Thalion) Music 1991-01-01
The Red Sector Demo Music 1990-04-18
Atomino Music 1990-01-01
Enchanted Land Music 1990-01-01
Masterblazer Music 1990-01-01
Ninja Remix Music 1990-01-01
Rings of Medusa Music 5.121990-01-01
Sunny Shine on the Funny Side of Life Music 1990-01-01
Trans World Music 1990-01-01
Wings of Death Music 1990-01-01
The AAC Demo Music 1989-05-27
Astaroth Music 1989-01-01
Grand Monster Slam Music 1989-01-01
Leavin' Teramis Music 1989-01-01
Roll-Out Music 1989-01-01
Seven Gates of Jambala Music 1989-01-01
Dugger (Herbie Stone in) Music 1988-01-01
Spaceball Music 1988-01-01
The B.I.G. Demo Music 1988-01-01
To Be On Top Music 1988-01-01
Little Sound Demo Music 1987-06-01
In 80 Days Around the World Music 1987-01-01
A Fractal Journey into Outer Space Music
Coolcube Music
Lethal Excess - Wings of Death II Music
Teteri Music
Tom & Jerry Music
Transworld Music
Turrican Music
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