Cobra - Public Domain

The Cobra series remains somewhat a mystery. Not attached to any Atari magazine, it was likely a series compiled by a user group or Atari dealer. Due to the program selection, it originated in a German-speaking country, around the first half of the 90’s.

CO 001
  • Bitte ein Bit 3.7
    Fast copy program, also as an accessory. Ignore empty tracks, automatic format detection, copying from HD disks.
  • Turtle 3.20
    TURTLE is a fast hard disk backup utility program. It requires no special hardware, and the floppies written are standard TOS disks. To accomplish this speed, certain simple steps must be taken. TURTLE requires just about all the RAM you have (for double sided disks).
  • FastCopy 3
    Powerful and fast copy program. Copy only used sectors, change format when copying, repair defective disks, copy certain tracks, multiple copy, copy Spectre format, create MS-DOS format and much more.
  • Sagrotan 4.17
    Latest (and last PD) version of the popular virus killer. The successor ToXis was commercially distributed
CO 002
  • The Printing Press 3.16
    Print program. Features: Full keyboard control, loading and saving of many image formats, e.g. IFF, IMG etc., extended drawing functions, loading of external modules. Many graphics and character sets are included with the software.
CO 003
  • Van Gogh 3.5
    Painting, drawing and animation program for all three resolutions with many features. Fast conversion of an image to the current resolution. Processing of three images simultaneously, integrated sprite editor, possibility to create animation sequences and 3D part with rotation and translation bodies.
CO 004

  • Delta X 2.6
    Printing of Zweckform disk labels. Easy to use, large graphics library, STAD-, Degas-compatible, prints on Epson-, or NEC P6-compatible
  • Disketten-Etiketten-Drucker 1990
    Label printing for 3.5" disks. The program manages up to 18 screens with small or large images that can be printed on the disks. The images can be created with almost any drawing program.
  • IdeaList 2.0
    IdeaList is a versatile tool used to print out ASCII files and files in Wordplus format or RTF. This when used can save up to 80% of paper consumption. Also when you use this program because it has a printer driver exclusive to your own printer you can control all of your printer functions and you can also print the files in better quality. In other words it takes all the hard work out of printing files.
CO 005
  • Adressmanager 2.0D
    Address management with interface to Label-Expert 5.0
  • Adreti 3.43
    Address management, label and serial letter printing with ASCII text. Flexible input of the label format, automatic insertion of the salutation by abbreviation in address, search and output as letter or on disk.
  • Adresso
    Address management program
  • Adressbüchle
    Nice address management, scrolling with pop-up menus. With Source in GFA-BASIC
  • Adressbuch ST
    Saves personal data, prints address labels and lists according to various sorting criteria
  • Adress-Verwaltung
    Address management with encrypted data and label printing.
CO 006
  • Minitext 2.79
    Word processor with table functions etc.
  • PD_Text
    Word processing program with all common features. Handles text attributes, word wrap, formatting in justified and flush left, block operations (copy, move, delete, load/save), variable page division, search/replace, integrated calculator and much more
  • Profitext 2.8
    Word processor. Dictionary with automatic correction, hyphenation aid, phrases, big headlines when printing, character set integration, columns, freely definable printer settings.
  • ST Writer Elite 3.8
    On the 8-bit Ataris the Atari Writer was a very popular editor. Less known is its ST counterpart, the ST Writer Elite. Never commercially distributed, the full-screen text editor has been updated several times.
CO 007
  • KUndenSTammVErwaltung
  • Ronfakt
  • Terminplaner 5.0
    Extensive program with many special functions: Notepad, calendar, address management, serial letter function, public holidays in Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. With internal help. The dates are displayed in the calendar and you can display the next date.
CO 008
  • Disky 1.43
    Disk and program management with search option for files and folders. Label output with Epson-compatible printers.
  • JJ-Files 1.39
    JJ-Files: Manages disks and the programs and files on them in a comfortable way. The program reads directory entries with any user-defined extender from floppy disk and writes them to a continuous list. Various sort, search and output functions can be applied to the list.
  • PD Fieber
  • Diskus 3.1
    Manages up to 8500 programs and files in a simple, fast and clear way. Newly recorded data is read from diskette or disk, processed in disk format and printed in multi-column lists of any sort. Paths are stored, so that a program can be started from disk.
  • Diskkatalog 6.0
    Program and disk management. Automatic reading of all or only preselected file types. Options for sorting and printing according to various criteria
  • Disk-Manager
CO 009
  • Profi-Tab
    League table management program for the Bundesliga, with examples from the 89/90 season.
  • Sporttabellen-Verwaltung 2.7
    General sports table program. It is suitable for all sports, because the mode can be freely defined. Contains the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, season 89/90.
  • Abteilung 1.1
    Does not manage tables but the department. The department can contain a maximum of 20 teams and 30 players per team; this is sufficient for normal clubs.
  • IMX Liga 2.0
    IMX Liga 2.0 manages sports leagues with 20 teams and 500 games per season, 999 goals per game and 128 rounds per championship. The output of all data is done on screen, printer or disk. IMX creates Toto-Tips, current rankings and those from previous matches. Statistical functions and graphical displays allow a comprehensive evaluation of team performance, up to publication with Signum, Calamus and similar programs.
  • BuTa ST 4.1
    Bundesliga table statistics for all football fans who want to record the results and goal scorers of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and have them displayed in different tables and diagrams. Leagues with up to 24 teams are possible. The possibilities of the program are quite varied and range from the perpetual table to a Toto tip, so that it is also particularly suitable for all Toto players.
CO 010
  • JJ-Load 1.4
  • X-Utilities
    Multitool that compensates for the shortcomings of the operating system, e.g. keyboard reassignment.
  • Werkzeugkiste
    Multifunctional accessory. Maximum 13 super-fast, reset-proof and expandable RAM disks, one of them optionally bootable. A function for displaying and converting images supports all major image formats, including the packed STAD format. Definable keyboard macros. Options for formatting and copying floppy disks. Function for displaying and printing files, converting umlauts and special characters if necessary. Option to output directories to screen, file and printer. An optional automatically or manually working screen saver, a printer spooler, which can also spool hardcopies, a set-up function for the serial interface and the printer and a mouse accelerator are also included.
  • T&T Uhr 1.0
    Nice watch that appears both digital and analog. The display is automatically brought to the foreground (even after leaving a program).
  • Sweep 2.4
    Sweep searches and deletes unwanted files from floppy disk or hard disk: the program is very useful for maintaining your data files. Sweep is controlled via a dialog box whose elements are largely self-explanatory.
  • MEGA-Matic 1.12
    Configurable auto-folder program. Resettable RAM disk, printer spooler, disk verify on/off, screen saver, memory test, DESKTOP.INF depending on screen resolution, cold and warm start.
  • Lauftext
  • LockSystem 1.1
    Password protection for computers.
  • J-Clock 8d
    JClock8d installs a tiny (less than 1200 bytes) interrupt handler that displays an am/pm style clock in the upper right hand corner of the ST screen.  The "am" or "pm" will display as "AM" or "PM" when CapsLock is on. The clock remains on-screen thru all known programs and can be used in any screen resolution.  The display can be turned on or off at any time (in any program) with a special keystroke.
  • Helfer 1.0
    Versatile accessory to organize the computer. This accessory consists of many useful tools, e.g. image conversion, snapshot and a lot of GFA tools.
  • Give Up
    Multi accessory with many functions, e.g. control panel, printer, clock, step rate, screensaver, 50Hz/60Hz switch, mouse speeder, hardcopy and others
  • Extended File-Selector
    File selector box with interesting features. Hooks into the system and replaces the normal box. - Drive selector buttons for up to 13 drives - five definable file extension selector buttons - create folders, rename and delete files - disk information (free space in bytes) - drive folders up to 80 characters long - extended file 'wildcards' like "*ABC??*.*S*" - direct access via the Accessory entry. - now also for TOS 1.4.
  • Disk 3.0
    Disk utility for formatting and copying. Also includes virus check and information about the disk and program.

  • James 1.0a
    James is more than an improved Control Panel: James is the ultimate 'desktop-butler'. It makes the daily work with the ST easier. You can now adjust the keyboard parameters, ship your harddisk, write-protect any drive, detect and destroy viruses and a lot more without having to boot numerous accessories!
CO 011
  • Cyclus 0.1
    Relational high performance card index. The program processes four card files simultaneously, each of which may contain up to 2,147,483,647 sheets with 32,000 field entries each. Sophisticated help functions support the beginner without constraining the professional
  • Kartakus
    Manages any card index with up to 4000 sheets and 12 terms per sheet. The file is kept completely in memory, which speeds up data access.
  • Kartei 1.0
    Electronic card index box. The data records of a card index can contain up to 15 freely titled data fields. Thus, card indexes can be created for any application. A book and an address file are available as examples. Extensive search and sorting functions and the possibility to output the card file or a part of it in table form or according to a definable format (list printing).
  • Kartei-Kasten
    This program is used to sort your addresses, video films, records, stamp collection, etc. and to find them again quickly if necessary. It generates optional lists, which can be read and processed by a word processor.
  • ZAP-Card
    This program will allow you to create and manipulate simple card files, to store, retrieve and update various kinds of information. Zap_Card is not a full-featured database, but it is adequate for many simple tasks, as e.g. cataloguing books or records, or collecting references to literature.
CO 012
  • MC-Writer 2.0
    Print program for music tapes.
  • CP6-Etikett
    Label printing program with color printing. Each element can have a different color. This is done in the menu next to the print data, the ICONS and the disc info. Of course the program also runs with normal printers
  • Label Expert 5.0
    Labeldrucker, für Diskettenlabels (3.5" oder 5.25"), Videohüllen, Paketaufkleber, Briefetiketten, Aktenordner u.a.
  • Audio 2000
CO 013
  • ARC / ARC-Shell
  • Superboot 6.0
    This program lets you select which desk accessories, auto programs, and DESKTOP.INF files to use at boot up. You can also set the time & date, write verify, and more. You choose which GEM programs to autoboot (from up to 12 different "pages" of 152 programs on each page). Use function keys to select a setup you desire (have one come up automatically or choose from a number of sets. Protect you hard drive from intruders with passwords. Desktop picture displays and stereo or mono DMA digitized sounds.
  • XDIR 4.5
  • X-Info
    Displays the complete space requirements of all files selected on the desktop
  • X-Format
  • VDisk
    Reset-proof RAM disk as an accessory. Free size and drive settings. The special feature is that the complete content can be stored on floppy disk or hard disk, thus achieving very fast loading times. In addition, the RAM disk can be disconnected again or booted from it (auto folders and accessories).
  • Typewrite 1.2
    Single-line typewriter. The entered text is sent to the printer after each line. Very practical for short letters or for filling out forms.
  • Biorhythmus (ACC)
  • Tiny Editor 3.2
    Editor as an accessory. Always available editor, working in its own window on the desktop or in any program.
  • Quick ST 1.4
    Speeds up most ST software by speeding up screen graphics. Compatible with all ST, STE, and TT computers and monitors.
  • PRN Send 1.3
    Send control strings to the printer.
  • Park HD
  • MakeDisk
    Formats floppy disks (also IBM) and then automatically copies certain programs and files to them (e.g. IBM system files or auto folders).
  • LittleSweet
    LittleSweet is a small calculator that can be used as an accessory or as a program.
  • Format+
    Format+ can format a few additional tracks on an already formatted and written disk.
  • DISKUTIL(ity)
  • Check Tree
  • Terminuhr
CO 014
  • Fibumat PD 2.9
    Financial accounting for small and medium-sized companies with up to 1200 entries. The included multi-client version allows up to 600 entries.
  • Wirtschaftsrechnen
    Mathematical routines for office staff, convenient calculator replacement. Supports basic arithmetic, percentage calculation, conversion of time units, counting masses, English and general length measurements, weight units and body measurements. The following calculation functions are available for bookkeeping: Equity capital, assets, borrowed capital, cost price, cost of goods, profit on goods, calculation of the payment load, linear depreciation, return on sales, profitability, efficiency, productivity, cost of goods ratio and profitability. Finally, to calculate a proposal, you can calculate the weight charges per kilogram, the warehouse interest flow, the purchase multiplier, the administrative overhead surcharge, and much more.
CO 015
  • Little Look 1.0
  • Quicklearn 2.0
    Variable vocabulary trainer with numerous vocabulary files in English - French - Morse code - foreign words - calories - currencies etc. Own lessons can be created.
  • Vokabel Crack
    Dictionary and vocabulary trainer with intelligent evaluation. In each case 3 German and English synonyms are permitted, thus several solutions are evaluated as correct, also attention is paid to compound vocabulary. Searching, printing and sorting, sorting out duplicate vocabulary and performance review.
  • Wordtrainer
    Learning program with intelligent parser, which recognizes compound vocabulary, furthermore learning control and graphic evaluation, integrated printout of a cheat sheet in microprint for the next class test.
CO 016
  • ST-Designer
    Powerful drawing program. The main menu contains many special functions, such as rotatable rectangles, variable magnifying glass, line drawing and vector font. With vector font editor.
  • Picture Artist
    This is an add-on module for common painting programs, as it offers new manipulation possibilities for Neo and Degas pictures.
  • Colorchrome 1.0
  • Fine Line
    A very basic but nevertheless impressive line drawing program. You can load and save NEO and Degas pictures. Essentially all you can draw is lines or curves so this program would be of more use to improve existing pictures than create new ones.
CO 017
CO 018
  • Einheiten-Umrechner
    Calculation of various formulas with the units weight, power, length, area, pressure, space, temperature and work.
  • FORM
    FORM is a symbolic manipulation program which places its emphasis on large formulae and execution speed. There are enough mechanisms to provide it with nearly all the knowledge that is needed for large scale symbolic calculations in mathematics, physics and engineering. FORM has been applied already for computations in Field theory, Lattice gauge theory (both in physics) and a problem in mathematical group theory (helping with solving a set of nonlinear equations that was too big for any other system).
  • Funktion 1.2
    Calculates function terms of real numbers
  • Umwandler
    For conversion of different number systems (DEZ, HEX, DUAL).
CO 019
  • Sticker
    Floppy disk printer with many options. Reads in the directory and transfers program names to the labels with a mouse click. Each label with image. Images for many topics available. With integrated drawing program
  • Cassette 3.9
    Printing of inlay covers for music tapes. After entering the artists etc. a cassette label is printed in the correct dimensions, saving of labels is possible. Adaptation to different printers.
  • Cuttex
    Convert a text file into a multi-column text that can also be printed. Good user interface with easy to understand symbols. Column number and width as well as column spacing and many other parameters are freely selectable. Block and flatter typesetting.
  • Formular 2.40
    Print letters, postcards, bank transfers and forms of all kinds. Exact positioning of all text fields by millimetre indication. 9- and 24-pin adjustment, calculating, saving
  • FW-Video
    Management of video films. Very functional, e.g. the counter reading of the recorder can be calculated. Prints stickers for cassette covers and generates various lists.
CO 020
  • ST Dictionary 1.6
    Foreign language learning program with large Latin library.
  • Discimus
    Vocabulary program with exemplary user interface. Simple and fast editing of the vocabulary data. Input of special characters via function keys or by clicking with the mouse. Function keys can also be assigned any text. Use of any character set. Very flexible printer adjustment directly in the program. Integrated alarm clock and notepad.
  • Le Pauker
    Powerful learning program. With many useful features, very good and clear design. A Latin vocabulary file is included
  • 2nd Learn
    Vocabulary program with individually created lessons. To make learning as efficient as possible, you can choose between: Learning of words that have never been tested before; learning of words that have been entered incorrectly in the last test; learning of words that have been tested incorrectly at least once; learning of words that are always entered incorrectly; learning of words that are often incorrect or learning of complete lessons.
CO 021
  • Chemie ST 2.0
    File management for chemical elements, compounds, molecules, reactions and laws. Creation of a complete chemistry reference book
  • Elementar-Analyse 1.40
    Help for chemists, CTA's and laboratory technicians with elemental analysis. Checks whether measured values result in a useful element or whether it could be another, contaminated element. Detailed instructions. Knows all elements of the periodic table.
  • Massenspektrometrie
    Extensive program package for mass spectrometry. Tools for structure determination and detection of smallest amounts of compounds, possibility of spectra analysis and calculation of isotope patterns
  • Molmasse 1.0
    Calculates the molar mass from a sum formula.
  • Moltrans
    Conversion program from Genesis files to Molekül
  • MS_Plot
    For drawing mass spectra in chemistry
  • Orbitalo
    Represents atomic orbitals as three-dimensional, wave-mechanical angular functions in polar form (contour area diagram). These are absolute values of the angle-dependent part of the wave function of the hydrogen atom, as probability density for an electron in the selected quantum state. Furthermore, slices in selected planes through the contour surfaces are possible, they provide contour line diagrams
  • Osmochem
    Program for fragrance determination using topological matrices
CO 022
  • Rechenlehrgang
  • Rechne!
  • Rechentrainer (Kopfrechnen)
    Calculation trainer for the arithmetic operations: +, -, *, / and root. Different levels of difficulty from easy to very difficult
  • Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator by M. Weller. This public domain calculator offers a vast array of features that make it an extremely powerful and useful tool.
  • Calculator
    CALC.PRG is a simple desktop calculator in the style of the TI Programmer. The program is primarily an example of C programming and only secondarily really intended as a desktop calculator.
  • Analy-ST 2.0
    Mathematics program for teachers and students. Function plot, divisions, integral functions, area and zero calculation, complete curve discussion. Calculation of function gaps or extreme values. Generation of a fully rational function by arbitrarily given points. Transfer of the calculated results into text programs
  • Bruchrechnen 1.1
    Fractions with the four basic arithmetic operations.
  • Atarus
    Computer training for the lower school classes. Introduces the difficult subject of mathematics with a nice and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Bruch
    Calculates the corresponding fraction from the decimal number. Accuracy adjustable.
CO 023
  • EDV-Überweisungen
    Program for paperless data exchange. Transfers or direct debits can be replaced by disks.
  • GIRO-STB 1.5
    For streamlining the giro traffic. Instead of manually compiling collective transfers or direct debits, the data is stored on disk in a format prescribed by banks. Giro STB is suitable for small to medium-sized companies and freelancers who regularly create credit transfers or direct debits. Giro STB can accept transfer orders from other programs (financial accounting, calculation, etc.) or make them available to other programs. Multiple manual data entry of records can thus be avoided. A precondition for the use of Giro STB is the existence of a contract with the bank for paperless payment transactions. With GEM interface and multi-level password protection. Extensive ASCII text and document output for 1st Wordplus and That's Write. New in version 1.9: Use also in medium resolution and on large monitors. Extended printing options, additional keyboard codes also during input/correction, improved access/password control. Search by recipient name (incl. wildcard) is possible, clipboard procedure is supported, compiler errors (rounding errors) were bypassed (2 floppies or hard disk).
  • Konto 2.0
    Manages standing orders, debit and credit, entries from current and savings accounts
  • STScheck 3.0
    Printing program for cheques and bank transfer orders. Customisation to each form by moving the data positions by mouse. With printer configuration program.
  • Überweis ST
    For printing bank transfer forms. Names and account numbers of up to four people can be saved and are automatically transferred
CO 024
  • ARC 6.02
    The well-known archiving program now also packs whole folders. Including a shell that supports folder packing and a shell for older ARC versions.
  • ARC Shell 2.1
    Shell for ARC. Supports the archiving of whole file trees with ARC 6.02. Furthermore, LHarc can now be completely controlled by the ARC shell.
  • Arcgsh 2.1
    Simplifies the use of common archiving programs, a selection of which is included on the disk
  • unzip
    unzip will list, test, or extract files from a ZIP archive.
CO 025
    Financial accounting program in ST Base III (with Run Only version)
  • Tribu 1.3
    Accounting program that allows, for example, all the income and expenses in the budget to be clearly recorded. With a program part for the management and profit calculation of a stock portfolio
  • Kaufmann
    Commercial calculations from small loans to self-made houses up to break-even analysis.
  • Buchus 1.2
    Journal accounting that can manage up to 99 accounts. 1000 entries per month are possible. Input tax, VAT and private accounts are created automatically
CO 026
  • Moleküle 3D 2.5
    Calculates 3D single images and image sequences of molecules, with up to 256 atomic coordinates and 256 bonds. Finished animations are displayed in the color version with stereo effect. After numerous improvements, the final PD version has been reached with this version.
  • Moltrans
    Conversion program from Genesis files to Molekül
CO 027
  • Amok 1.00
  • Butterfly Artist 1.0
    Paint program with working screen limited only by the available memory. Use of GEM fonts. Complete pattern palette can be stored. Any number of times an object can be placed, for example to draw patterns of circles or rectangles.
  • Zeichenplatte 1.0
    Paint program with some special features like contrast enhancement, move function and vector font.
CO 028
  • Erdkunde
    Queries 59 cities and all states of the Federal Republic of Germany and evaluates the test result. In the remaining query areas: Mountains/Water of the Federal Republic of Germany, cities/countries/mountains/water in Austria and Switzerland, cities/countries in Europe, North America and the world, the program asks only one question each before returning to the main menu
  • History
    For each female or male first name, lists known historical and modern persons of the same name. More than a thousand historical events and birthdays of well-known personalities are also stored.
  • World
    Learning program. Tests all countries and capitals around the world. The answer is given by clicking on the illustrated country. Included maps: Germany, USA, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
CO 029
  • Showtime 1.1
    Show Time 1.1: Professional presentation software. Images are converted into ShowTime format and combined in the editor to a fluid slide show. Sliding effects (with Blitter), special effects, pyrotechnical treats and wipes are easily inserted into the script.
  • Speedwriter 1.0
    A somewhat older 'interactive animated correspondence' utility, including its GfA Basic source. With this, it is possible to send remarkable letters that you can see being typed as you look, including all cursor movements.
CO 030
  • Wellen-Simulation 2.1
    The program consists of the following four parts: Simulation of transverse waves, simulation of longitudinal waves, graphic representation of water waves, graphic and schematic representation of the intensity course of a diffracted light beam, operating instructions for the individual simulations, parameter display.
  • Radioaktiver Zerfall
    The program ZERFALL simulates the decay of the atoms of a radioactive substance. The set of undecayed atoms is first shown as a black block, a decayed atom is drawn in white. The "selection" of the just decayed atom is done randomly, if the atom has already decayed at the selected location, a new one is selected, and so on. The number of decayed atoms in a time unit is drawn as an activity curve.
  • Pendel
    Simulation of a rotating pendulum with variable damping and deflection. The motion path is calculated with the help of DGLs and displayed graphically.
  • Newton
    The program Newton is used for the numerical integration of Newton's equations of motion, i.e. it can be used to calculate and graphically display the motion of particles in any force field.
  • Gravbahn
    Motion simulation of up to 20 bodies under the influence of their overlapping gravitational fields
  • Kepler
    Graphical representation of celestial body movements according to Kepler's laws. Variation of mass, radius, time, potential and kinetic energy.
  • Brownsche Molekularbewegung
    The program BROWN simulates Brownian molecular motion as random walk. The molecules or atoms of a gas or liquid move in a completely disordered zigzag motion, the intensity of which is determined by the temperature of the substance in question.
  • GAS
    Simulation of different ideal gas properties
    Trajectories of charged particles in homogeneous electric and magnetic fields
  • Ferromagnetismus
    Properties of ferromagnetic materials
CO 031
  • Notenverwaltung 1.5
    For teachers. Manages grades for one subject per file. Files can be stored coded if required. With the program it is possible to sort names by alphabet and gender, assign works to specific groups, assign groups with their own weighting factors, display averages taking into account the weighting factors and groups, graphically display the distribution of grades (accumulation) of all works of a student, etc.
  • Pauker
    Timetable management for teachers.
  • STundenplan-Manager
    Print a timetable
CO 032
  • English Conjugation System 1.1
    Learning aid for irregular English verbs. Conjugates verbs in the desired tense. Many verbs included.
  • Hypervoc
    Vocabulary program
  • VKT 2.1
    Vocabulary trainer
  • Vocman 2.00
    Extensive vocabulary program. Manages several possible translations for vocabulary.
CO 033
  • HD-Wait 1.00
    Delays the boot process to wait for the hard disk.
  • SHIP
    Program for parking a hard disk.
  • Search
    Tool to find files on disk or hard disk. You can also search for file contents and output the names of the files concerned. Search with wildcards possible.
  • Retter 3.00
    This allows the root and boot sectors of all connected and powered-on hard disks to be recovered.
  • Restore
    Utility to manage multiple desktop infos and install them even after system startup. The program is registered as an application, so that a double click on the desired Desktop.INF is sufficient to activate it.
  • HFCOPY 3.90
    Fast file copy program. By mouse click or rubber band files are marked and copied to disk or hard disk.
  • HD Info
    Shows capacity of the hard disk.
  • HD-Test
    Searches for faulty clusters/sectors on the harddisk/disk and marks them, fast deletion of partitions
    Program for the AUTO folder, which waits for the hard disk to boot when the computer is switched on. For all screen resolutions and TOS versions, waiting time configurable.
  • File Compare 1.1
    Compares two files and outputs different parts.
  • BackupJB 3.1
    Hard disk backup program. You can either copy all existing files (also hidden files) or all files that are located in a certain folder or have a certain name. It is also possible to copy all files depending on their creation date. With the archive bit you can also backup all files that have changed since the last backup. If you have two floppy disk drives, BackupJB can also write to both drives alternately.
  • Back-Ex 1.01
    Searches the disk/hard disk for files with defined extensions and deletes them optionally. This is useful, e.g. to delete all BAK files. The program is fully written using GEM and therefore runs on monochrome, color and large screen. Runs without problems with any TOS version, even on the Atari TT.
  • CheckHD 8.3
    CHECKHD monitors important hardware values of hard disks available for the ST and times access and transfer rates. It was written to create a low-level standard test for hard disks. CHECKHD is a GEM program and should therefore be easy to use.
CO 034
  • Thinx 2.44
    Shell for most programming languages. Control manually via keyboard or menus or automated process via batch files. Runs in (C) and (M), together with OverScan and also on the TT.
  • XLISP-Shell
    Easy to use, simplified operation of XLISP (Disk S 7), with source code in C
  • Turbo.Shell
    Shell for Lattice C.
  • TOY-PROLOGshell
    Shell for Prolog 10 from disk S 11. Opening Prolog, editor and options by icon click (with source in C).
  • GFAShell 1.1a
    Shell for GFA-BASIC interpreter/compiler
  • P-Shell 1.2
    Shell for Prospero Pascal compiler starting with version 2.15
  • Megamax-Shell
    Shell for direct call of editor, compiler, linker, improver, disassembler, RCP and other programs. Built-in Make. Printer output with adjustment. Numerous settings.
  • FShell 1.11
    Shell for Pro Fortran 77.
  • C-Shell 1.7
    Shell for Prospero C compiler
  • ARC-Shell 1.2
    Shell for convenient operation of ARC. ARC archives or compresses files and folders.
CO 035
  • XrefBIN
    This allows you to examine libraries in GST Linker format, i.e. it provides a list of the modules present in the library.
  • X-VT52 More
    Display of any text with soft scrolling.
  • TOSVers
    Displays the version numbers of TOS, GEMDOS and AES, including the TOS date, and the name.
  • TOS Trace Tool
    Allows tracing of individual operating system routines, no matter if VDI, AES, BIOS, LINE-A, XBIOS or GEMDOS. Good for system programmers.
  • TopShell
    This allows you to add your own programs to pull-down menus and start them with a click. Ideal for hard drive owners who use different programs frequently.
  • Soustr
    Program for Imagic, which serves to transform storyboards into animation sequences. In this way, the saving function locked in the PD version is simply bypassed.
  • RenBIN
    RenBIN is used to rename GST Object Code files, e.g. to replace routines in the libraries.
  • Remagic
    Imagic semi-compiler for PD version
  • PinHead 1.4
    PinHead will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to boot your computer (and load files).
  • Poolfix3
    Corrects a GEMDOS error concerning memory management in TOS 1.04 or 1.06. The error occurs with numerous malloc calls and in the memory management of folders.
  • NECMANAGer 2.3
    Convenient control program for NEC P6 and compatibles. Settings like font and margins are sent to the printer at system startup.
  • MessMaus
    Displays mouse position
  • Key-Code-Finder
    Shows ASCII and SCAN code of each key
  • Exec-OS 2.0
    Allows to give the GEM an environment, i.e. a search path under PATH=..., under which it then searches the resource files.
  • Environ 1.4
    Used to create environment variables so that programs can use them.
  • Dhrystone 2.0
    Common reference speed test.
  • Cross Reference 1.02
    Prints a formatted cross-reference listing of a GFA-Basic program
  • Altcon 2.2
    Screen saver, slow motion, keyboard reset, etc.
CO 036

CO 037

CO 038

CO 039

CO 040
  • WPlusTeX 1.72
    Program that converts Wordplus texts to TeX (S 250-254). In addition to all attributes, footnotes and graphics are also transferred. The program offers an easy introduction to TeX, because old texts are taken over and can now be printed with the great font quality of TeX. Diploma or examination papers or presentations or dissertations can still be written in 1st Word and then converted to TeX. Formatting commands, justification, page ends, etc. are taken over, and TeX takes care of automatic separation.
  • WP-Pack
    Extensive and powerful conversion program written in SPC Modula for printing Wordplus documents, converting ASCII to WP documents, converting WP to ASCII documents, reformatting WP documents (WP to WP), converting WP 3.15 in WP 2.1 Documents, creating a scientific index (the lines with leading numbers, such as '3.1.5 The Index System', are extracted from the document), creating a general index (e.g. all words longer than 3 characters) with inclusion or exclusion list...
  • 1st Konvert
    Converts ASCII files to 1st Word format. The different types of spaces are taken into account, so that the documents can be formatted in 1st Word. MS-DOS text files can also be transferred correctly by the 'ß' conversion.
CO 041
  • Disk-Monitor
    Disk monitor.
  • Maxidisk
    MaxiDisk installs a resetproof ramdisk, which compresses the files stored on it. It is usually possible, to store about 750 kB in a 500 kB ramdisk
  • Monomon 1.0
    Monomon version 2.3 by Sven Geier is a wonderful, feature rich disk monitor program. It offers too many options to list here. The program and all documentation is in German.
  • Profidisk
  • Quick Index 1.5
    Determines how fast your ST really performs. CPU and peripherals are thoroughly tested.
  • Quick ST 1.4
    Speeds up most ST software by speeding up screen graphics. Compatible with all ST, STE, and TT computers and monitors.
  • Ramdisk (Böhm)
    Like Maxidisk, but without compression algorithm. With an auto copy program to copy certain files into the RAM disk.
  • Ramdisk (Mager)
    Ramdisk with source in Assembler.
  • Tempelmon 1.12
    Monitor/debugger. Also for STE/TT. The latest version 2.01 of the Monitor/Debugger by Thomas Tempelmann. Highly recommended for all developers.
  • VDisk
    Reset-proof RAM disk as an accessory. Free size and drive settings. The special feature is that the complete content can be stored on floppy disk or hard disk, thus achieving very fast loading times. In addition, the RAM disk can be disconnected again or booted from it (auto folders and accessories).
CO 042
  • Snapfont
    Allows large headings for Signum. The generated headings can be integrated as graphics of any size in Signum texts. Further conversion of graphics into Signum fonts or the modification of existing fonts by paint programs
  • Phraser
    Program for the improvement of papers, seminar papers or other works, contains about 8000 expressions, which are randomly thrown together. Output to printer or RS 232 is possible.
  • Output ST 2.03
    Print program for ASCII documents. Settings of all printer parameters, printer adjustment, hiding of comments in program listings (e.g. /* */) and execution of special control codes in the listing.
  • Last Word
    Inserts random expressions into the text program currently in use.
  • Lexikon für BeckerText
  • Fuss2End 1.72
    Conversion of footnotes in Wordplus documents to endnotes. Allows the selection of the start number of the endnotes and the variable formatting of the endnotes. Also new is a menu item for converting texts in Wordplus format to WordPerfect.
  • Floskeln
    Powerful accessory with common phrases that can be called up at any time in the menu bar and thus saves a lot of typing work. Supplement the collection of phrases with your own entries.
  • Briefdruck
    Program or accessory for fast and easy envelope printing. The sender and recipient can be entered in two windows
CO 043

CO 044

CO 045

CO 046

CO 048

CO 049

CO 050

CO 051
  • Filebox (FSEL_BOX) 1.3
    File selector box, which automatically hooks in and replaces the original file selector box. Occupies only 7 KByte memory. Drive icons directly to click on, display of program length, time and date, Up to 16 drives.
  • IdeaList 3.01
    IdeaList is a versatile tool used to print out ASCII files and files in Wordplus format or RTF. This when used can save up to 80% of paper consumption. Also when you use this program because it has a printer driver exclusive to your own printer you can control all of your printer functions and you can also print the files in better quality. In other words it takes all the hard work out of printing files.
  • Little Net
    With the LITT_NET.ACC you can connect two ATARI ST via MIDI. To do this, you must either connect MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the two computers using two ready-made stereo cables, or make a suitable cable yourself. Connect pin 4 and 5 of MIDI OUT with pin 4 and 5 (i.e. 4 to 4 and 5 to 5) of MIDI IN of the other computer.
  • Super-File-Copy 2.5
    File copy program, ideal for one drive. Copies first to buffer, then to new disk.

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