Textbook (eBook Reader)

Textbook is both a text viewer and an e-book reader, designed to look and operate like a classic book. You can use it to replace your default desktop text viewer, or read books in text format. It is compatible with Project Gutenberg collection of thousands of books.
Textbook reflows the content of a text file, but has certain rules to retain some aspects of the original formatting for a better presentation.


Version: 1.0
Systems: TOS compatible
License: Freeware
Programmer Claude Labelle
Publisher Anodyne Software
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◆ STE ◆ TTFalconCT60
◈ Hades ◈ Milan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: >=640*400
Supports: Drag&Drop, AV/VA, GDOS
Requirements 1 MB RAM
Language German, English, French


Links: Anodyne Software
Anodyne Software
Download: textbook.zip