Wall Street

You start with $10,000 and try to make your fortune on the Stock market. Buy and sell, watch the trends, listen to the conflicting recommendations of Cautious Charlie and Wild Eyed Willie, receive dividends and more. You can watch the history of your stocks (and those not yours) on a ongoing graph. Each game is different.


Released: 1988
Systems: Atari ST/STE
License: Freeware
Programmer Tony Lovell
Compatibility: ◆ ST ◆ STE ◈ TT ◈ Falcon ◈ CT60
◈ Hades ◈ Milan ◈ FireBee
Resolutions: ST-Mid
Programming Language: GFA-Basic
Language English


Availability: Atari-Magazin PD 070, PD-Pool 2035, Floppyshop Game 0048 (WALL STREET), Vi 296