Kontrast - Public Domain

Kontrast, also known as "Series 7000" because it starts with disk number 7000 (!), was a short-lived public domain series from Germany. The series has no distinct features and is a seemingly random collection of programs released in other series. While only 50 disks were released, 15 of them are dedicated to TeX and various TeX printer drivers. Similar to other series created by German Atari dealers, quite a few disks are dedicated to clipart graphics and MIDI songs.

K 7001
  • Bilder im IMG- und CVG-Format
K 7002
  • Midisongs im Steinberg- und Notator-Format
K 7003
  • Colorbook
  • Flicker
    Predecessor of Cyber Paint. This art package runs in low resolution and includes the option of animation. No documentation, but easy to use. Will load Neo or Degas pictures. Includes C source code.
K 7004
  • Sagrotan
    Latest (and last PD) version of the popular virus killer. The successor ToXis was commercially distributed
  • Virendetektor 3.0g
    Detects numerous boot and link viruses, immunises floppy disks and thus prevents new infections. The program checks complete floppy disks and/or hard disks and forms checksums. With detailed introduction to virus science.
K 7005
  • CPX
  • Dia 1.3
  • Diskinfo
  • Mausy
  • Ram-Tos
  • Spiele
K 7006
  • Uni-Lex 1.30
    Lexicon system that can also be used as a dictionary. Two specialized dictionaries are already included (computer, remote data transmission).
K 7007
  • The Year After
    Very good sound and graphic demo, which once again shows the capabilities of the ST
K 7008
  • Virgil, der Lagerbutler
K 7009
  • Laser Design Professional
    Pixel drawing program that leaves nothing to be desired. With 3D part - extensive drawing functions - numerous image and block formats etc. GDOS and Signum! fonts. Only works in ST-high! Supports almost all common printers: 9-/24-needles, ink and laser printers.
K 7010
K 7011
  • Bilder im IMG- und CVG-Format
K 7012
  • Midisongs im Steinberg- und Notator-Format
K 7013
  • Shocker
    Follow-up to Thriller. In the PD version only the first 10 levels are playable. 4U-exclusive version of the top game freely playable up to level 22.
K 7014
  • xEdit 1.7
    xEDIT is a relatively small and simple to use text editor. It is shareware. The program and all documentation are completely in German.
K 7016
  • STE-Play 1.01e
  • Tracker
K 7017
  • Autokosten 2.7
    Cornelius Bode wrote the program that helps you to keep track of all running costs of your car from now on. The program runs under all TOS versions in the high resolution and is a pure GEM application. Great importance was placed on comfort and simple operation as well as on comprehensive and correct evaluation possibilities. Among other things, costs for fuel, oil, workshop stays, financing (leasing, credit or similar) are taken into account. A recording of the trips with the possibility to divide them into private and business trips also makes this program an interesting tool for keeping a logbook. In addition, fixed dates such as regular inspections can be entered into the program, which will remind you later of upcoming appointments. Extensive statistical functions allow the output of corresponding graphical evaluations on screen and printer.
  • Cassette 3.9
  • Notiz 2.9
  • Ramfrei 3.5
  • Startup 3.4
  • ZPrint 1.8
    Prints ASCII text files on all printers.
K 7018
K 7019
  • Heilen 3.20
  • Haushalt 4.2
K 7020
  • K-Tresor
  • Karma
    Reads and writes almost all common graphic formats.
  • Meta-Bit 1.1c
K 7021
  • Gute Grafiken im CVG- und IMG-Format
K 7022
  • Midisongs im Steinberg- und Notator-Format
K 7023
  • Kassa 3.61
    Small financial accounting for private and small companies with completely revised user interface. Many new functions, e.g. automatic dunning process or creation of invoices. Shareware. A manual is available for registered users, and there is the possibility to get samples (approx. 2.1 MB) for CrazySounds for an additional charge, to make it even easier to use.
K 7024
  • Welt-Fussball 2001 1.5
    This program is not meant to be a Bundesliga simulation, it is more of an ADVENTURE. You have to try to become German Champion, German Cup Winner, European Cup Winner and World Cup Winner in one season with the right TACTIC.
K 7026
K 7027
K 7028
  • Connect 1.09
    Very good software for remote data transmission.
K 7029
  • PAD 2.4N
    This program can load and save a variety of formats including Degas, Neo, IFF, IMG, straight screen (A5 or din A4), Monostar, STAD and Imagic. It will even attempt to load unknown file types. PAD has all the features expected of such a package and much more. There are varoius options for shadowing, graduated grey fills, printing at various sizes and up to 100 screens of animation is possible if you have sufficient memory. It allows easy creation of 3D objects of almost any size and shape. Needs at least 1 Meg.
K 7030
  • 74 Grafiken im PAC-Format.
K 7031
  • TeX 3.141/2.21
K 7032
  • TeX 3.141/2.21
K 7033
  • Metafont 2.7/2.2
K 7034
  • Metafont 2.7/2.2
K 7035
  • TeX Druckertreiber SLM 804
K 7036
  • TeX Druckertreiber SLM 804
K 7037
  • TeX Druckertreiber HP Deskjet
K 7038
  • TeX Druckertreiber HP Deskjet
K 7039
  • TeX Druckertreiber HP Laserjet
K 7040
  • TeX Druckertreiber HP Laserjet
K 7041
  • TeX Druckertreiber 24-Nadeldrucker 360x360
K 7042
  • TeX Druckertreiber 24-Nadeldrucker 360x360
K 7043
  • TeX Druckertreiber 24-Nadeldrucker 360x180
K 7044
  • TeX Druckertreiber 24-Nadeldrucker 180x180
K 7045
  • TeX Druckertreiber 9-Nadeldrucker
K 7046
  • Neue Grafiken im IMG- und CVG-Format
K 7047
  • MIDI-Songs im Steinberg- und Notator-Format
K 7048
  • Videothek 1.1
K 7049
  • Discothek 4.0
    The! Music management from Tigersoft in version 4.1. Works in all resolutions of the TT, even on large screens, and a driver for the HP Deskjet has been integrated. With Discothek you can easily manage even the largest music collection. The program offers all conceivable search functions with logging option and additionally a special function to print lists. Your specifications can range from the name of the artist to the maximum and minimum length of a track (useful for scoring movies and filling gaps on cassettes).
K 7050
  • 65x02-Emulator

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