ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 001
ST-Computer PD 002
  • CP/M Emulator (CP/M 80)
    CP/M emulator
  • Joshua
    Disk monitor
  • Kartei-Kasten
    This program is used to sort your addresses, video films, records, stamp collection, etc. and to find them again quickly if necessary. It generates optional lists, which can be read and processed by a word processor.
  • Megaroids
    Asteroids clone
  • Diskformater
    Formatting program
ST-Computer PD 005
ST-Computer PD 006
  • CP/M Tools
    This floppy disk contains some utility programs for the CP/M emulator. But they are only executable under version 8.4. Using the normal TOS the floppy disk shows "999 999 Bytes used" and can only be read after starting the emulator.
    CPMTOS converts CP/M ASCII files into TOS format.
    TOSCPM converts TOS ASCII files into CP/M format.
    SCOPY: Copy program for one drive.
    DDTZ: Debugger and much more
ST-Computer PD 007
  • XLisp 1.71
    AI language (artificial intelligence) for creating programs that are capable of learning. With detailed instructions in English.
ST-Computer PD 008
ST-Computer PD 009
ST-Computer PD 010
  • Krabat Icon Editor
    Icon editor for Krabat.
  • Krabat-Schach
    Chess program with all important features: 9 levels, positions, save openings and games, change of pieces. A supplied icon editor allows to design your own pieces.
  • Puzzlepuzzle
    The computer generates random jigsaw puzzles on screen which you have to fit together.
ST-Computer PD 011
  • Toy Prolog 4.8
    The programming language of the new generation. Incl. 95 KB manual.
ST-Computer PD 012
  • Biorhythmus
  • Calculator
    CALC.PRG is a simple desktop calculator in the style of the TI Programmer. The program is primarily an example of C programming and only secondarily really intended as a desktop calculator.
  • Hypnose
  • Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator by M. Weller. This public domain calculator offers a vast array of features that make it an extremely powerful and useful tool.
ST-Computer PD 013
ST-Computer PD 014
  • VIFibu
    Small financial accounting.
  • Transistorvergleicher
    Transistor data management
  • Tempelmon
    Monitor/debugger. Also for STE/TT. The latest version 2.01 of the Monitor/Debugger by Thomas Tempelmann. Highly recommended for all developers.
  • ES 06
    Catches system errors and displays them.
  • Disk-Monitor
    Disk monitor.
  • Bitte ein Bit 3.7
    Fast copy program, also as an accessory. Ignore empty tracks, automatic format detection, copying from HD disks.
ST-Computer PD 015
  • Druckeranpassung 1st Word
    Druckeranpassung 1st Word für: ASCII, CP_80, Epson_12, Epson_LX80, Epson_RX80, Gabi 9009, IBM, IBM-Komp., KX-P1092G, LQ_800, MP_165, NEC_P2&P3, NEC_P6&P7, NL10_IBM, NL10_Para, OKI_M182, OKI_M192, QUME, SMM804, TA-SE320, TAXAN 810ST, C 8028, Corona D300.
ST-Computer PD 016
ST-Computer PD 017
ST-Computer PD 018
ST-Computer PD 019
ST-Computer PD 020
ST-Computer PD 021
ST-Computer PD 022
  • MyTerm
    Terminal program in GfA
  • Plotfit
    Visual representation of value pairs.
  • VKT
    Vocabulary trainer
ST-Computer PD 023
ST-Computer PD 024
  • Tauris
    TAURIS_ST is a strategy game for 1-8 players. Every missing player is replaced by the computer. All players are divided into 4 groups of 2 players each. Each group controls one city and plays together. The purpose of the game is to be the last city left.
ST-Computer PD 025
ST-Computer PD 026
ST-Computer PD 027
  • Grafik und Sounddemo
    Nice sound and graphic demo. Zottl, Knurp and Schnatter are hitting the keys.
  • NEC-Treiber
    Hardcopy driver for 24-needle printers (NEC and compatible). Call via ALT + HELP.
ST-Computer PD 028
ST-Computer PD 029
ST-Computer PD 030
ST-Computer PD 031
  • 3D Irrgarten
    Find a way out of a three-dimensional labyrinth
  • Avalun
    You govern a kingdom
  • Patience 1.1
    Patience variant in which you use two packs of 52 cards. The rules as similar to those for patience except that you have to make the cards up into eight suits (two of each type) rather than four. The game is very well structured with built-in on-line Help, hint and take back options and so on. Very addictive and challenging gameplay.
  • YAGC - Yet Another Game of Chess
ST-Computer PD 032
  • Finanzmathematik
    Calculation of interest rates, terms, maturities, repayment schedules, etc.
  • MathLib
    Extensive mathematics library for Pascal. Trigonometric, matrix algebra and much more, ready to use.
ST-Computer PD 033
  • Recover
    This is a program to help recover files that have been accidentally deleted. It is primarily effective for finding files that contain text, rather than programs. This is because it will display the contents of a "cluster" (two sectors) on the disk, and you must look at it and determine whether that is part of your lost file; programs will usually look like garbage on the screen.
  • STerm
    VT52 terminal including source in Assembler.
  • Encrypt
    Encrypt and decrypt files.
  • Ramdisk (Articulate Software)
    RAM disk of any size.
  • Free RAM
    Indicates free RAM (ACC or PRG).
ST-Computer PD 034
  • Assembler 68000
    Complete assembler development package for the course in ST-Computer magazine.
ST-Computer PD 035
ST-Computer PD 036
  • IBM Drive
    Format your disks to MS-DOS spec.
  • DB Etikett
    Prints labels from DB-Master.
  • Drupatch
    For printing source files. With character conversion like 1st Word, universally customisable.
  • CLI
    Complete command interpreter (CP/M, MS-DOS interface) without mouse. Execution of batch files, autostart, copying to ramdisk, allocation of programs (TOS + GEM) etc.
ST-Computer PD 037
  • Basic Converter
    Converts ST- and Microsoft Basic programs into GFA-BASIC programs.
  • Check ST
    Spell checker. Create your own dictionary, import the new words, correct them directly in the text.
  • Scientific
    Character set editor, creates customization file for 1st Word
ST-Computer PD 038
ST-Computer PD 039
ST-Computer PD 040
  • Deluxe Fontmaster ST
    This package allows you to design, edit and print a number of fonts. If your printer is Epson compatible then set the IBM option on! Then load up your desired font from disk. Load in any ASCII file and it will print out in the desired font.
ST-Computer PD 041
  • Kalender (Roth) 1.31
    Calculate with the date. holidays, annual calendar on your printer, half-yearly calendar on screen, monthly overview, weekday to date, date minus number of days, date plus number of days, calculation of days between dates, conversion of calendar date to Julian date and vice versa.
  • Magic Painter
    Simple painting program
  • Vika-Etikett
    VIKA prints video and audio cassette sleeves.
ST-Computer PD 042
  • Fram 77
    Static calculations for constructors.
  • Messwert
    Good program for the evaluation and graphic representation of measured values or functions (previous version on S 57). Comfortable user interface, in most cases masters everything in the fields of measured value analysis and curve discussion. Printing with maximum printer resolution, achieving about 10 times higher resolution. The program generates an ASCII plot file with the necessary plotting parameters, so that other output devices are also supported. It is currently designed for 8- and 24-needle printers as well as for HPGL and Kyocera lasers. These "mega plots" can also be loaded into Signum or STAD, the IMG format is also supported. A must for every scientific or mathematical user.
ST-Computer PD 043
  • Snaphelp
    Allows you to load in files in Degas, Doodle or Mandelbrot formats and save them back as Degas files
  • System-Dialog
    Accessory similar to Control Panel. Special features: Clock and 4 alarm times, printer settings (margin, font etc.), incl. source in Pascal.
ST-Computer PD 044
  • Tri Hex
    Three dimensional Tic Tac Toe (3x3x3)
  • Tic Tac Toe (TTT)
    Mixture of Four Wins and Tic Tac Toe. Pieces are placed in four levels. Strong computer opponent.
  • Solitär
    Solitaire is an old classic board game for one player. You have a game board in front of you, on which there are a certain amount of stones. In the middle there is a free field. If you skip a stone with another one, you may remove the skipped stone, no other way of movement is allowed. The player's task now is to keep as few of the stones as possible by cleverly placing them.
  • Konzentration (.BAS)
  • Kalah (Christen)
  • Auto-Börse
  • El Bozo's Window-Puzzle
ST-Computer PD 045
  • Complex
    ST-Pascal+ library for complex calculations
  • Con_ST
    Terminal program
  • Master
    A mastermind clone. The unique feature: The level of difficulty can be increased almost at will. Up to 18 different colours and up to 18 rows make the puzzle almost unsolvable.
  • Pegasus
ST-Computer PD 046
  • ST-Phone (Telefonnachweis)
    Calculation of telephone costs
  • Terminplaner 2.0
    Extensive program with many special functions: Notepad, calendar, address management, serial letter function, public holidays in Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. With internal help. The dates are displayed in the calendar and you can display the next date.
  • Lager
    Inventory management
  • KFZ-Stat
    Statistics application for your car
ST-Computer PD 047
ST-Computer PD 048
ST-Computer PD 049
ST-Computer PD 050
ST-Computer PD 051

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