ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 551
  • Mystery Island
    Adventure on an island full of traps.
  • Agros
    Adventure in which you have to deal with the consequences of a robbery.
ST-Computer PD 552
  • BootCopy
    Copies work files to a previously installed RAM disk.
    Disk, memory and file monitor with extensive functions
  • FastFileFinder 3.0.3
    Fast search of files on disk or hard disk.
  • No Klick
    With this program in the AUTO folder, your ST will no longer annoy you with its keyboard click.
    Setting the system time.
  • Standard-CAT 5.0b
    STDCAT version 5.2b by Bob Silliker is a specialized database that can be used to catalogue diskettes and hard disk partitions. It is a GEM application using 4 windows to display various parts of a catalogue. Each section, disk, path and file can, optionally, have a comment associated with it.
  • Unemefda
    Monochrome emulator
ST-Computer PD 553
  • Kniffel
    Dice game
  • Lyrics
    Oxyd variant with new ideas.
  • GPPD
    GPPD is a car racing game in traditional top view style. Using a joystick, you can try to hold your own on a race track in a clinch with seven computer-controlled pilots and try to get one of the top positions in the final ranking. You can choose from a range of 16 tracks, and you can also race them one after the other in a kind of cup mode.
  • Kampf
  • BITS
    Game. Find the bits
ST-Computer PD 554
  • Alice - Another Little C Editor 1.42
    ALICE - Another Little C Editor by Ralf Kaufmann is a GEM based text editor for the Atari ST computer line.
  • WF-Edit 1.20
    Comfortable GEM editor. Works with its own desktop, where you can also iconify texts. This allows it to handle more than seven windows. Clipboard support, automatic swapping of source codes to disk in case of memory shortage. With all necessary editing functions and parameter transfer.
ST-Computer PD 555
ST-Computer PD 556
ST-Computer PD 557
ST-Computer PD 558
ST-Computer PD 559
ST-Computer PD 560
  • Kufe
    Representation of the effects of the slightest deviations when grinding ice skate blades.
  • Liga
    Database for the administration of various sports leagues.
  • Sprunghöhe
    Creates a graphic to determine the jump height based on video recordings
ST-Computer PD 561
ST-Computer PD 562
  • Turn IMG
    Rotates IMG files by 90, 180 or 270 degrees
  • ScreenShot
    Snapshot utility for saving the screen.
    Creates optimized assembler code from the resource files for direct integration into programs.
  • LSTtoDFN
    Creates readable DFN files from the LST files generated by DRI-RCS 2.1 for GFA Basic
  • MAdress
    MADRESS is a small address manager for home use, which runs both as a program and as an accessory.
  • IconEdit (Roessler)
    Icon editor.
  • Farbzeig
    Displays low resolution color images (PI1, NEO) on b/w monitors by converting them to grayscale.
  • BNF
    Helps to create a bottom-up parser.
ST-Computer PD 563
ST-Computer PD 564
  • TSWP
    Write protection for hard disk partitions. CPX module.
  • Wörterbuch
    Dictionary with over 14,000 terms. Available as DIC file (e.g. for 1st Word).
  • UnARJ
    Unpacking ARJ archives (widely used on DOS machines) on the Atari.
  • Überweisungsauftrag
    Printing of the usual bank transfer forms.
  • Extender
    Renames the file extension of entire file groups.
  • Terminer
    Comfortable appointment management.
  • Make-Interpreter
    Utility for developers. Automatically detects which source codes have changed since the last compiler run.
  • Klick.Acc
    Replaces error 'bing' and keyboard clicks with more pleasant sounds.
  • Fuzzy-Uhr
    FUZZYUHR does not display "19:54:34" but "almost five for eight". And this representation will change over time, soon to "five before eight", then to "shortly before eight", then to "point eight", then to "shortly after eight", then to "soon five after eight" and so on.
ST-Computer PD 565
ST-Computer PD 566
  • Royal Paint
    Royal Paint is a color painting PRG that works in the low ST resolution. Up to 16 colors can be used. In addition, 16 different brush shapes, block operations, freely definable screens, spray effects and text integration are available.
  • Slack
  • Slack II
  • Vec-Work
    Vector graphics program
ST-Computer PD 567
  • DiaSlide
    Presentation program for PIC images with 13 different transition effects
  • Midi-Scanner
    Manages your MIDI files.
ST-Computer PD 568
ST-Computer PD 569
  • DG-Funk
    Learning program for the amateur radio operator exam.
  • Dunkelkammer
    Darkroom was written to support film development and to help the photographer with photographic calculations. Darkroom manages the specific values of photographic materials like: Sensitivity, exposure, developing times, watering, developer types, developing times, rhythm of movement, notes and comments.
  • Liga-Tab 2.1
    Table calculation for clubs, players or fans. Season overview, club statistics, current table, match results in the following sports: football, handball, field hockey, basketball, volleyball and table tennis
  • Vokalix
    Vocabulary trainer.
ST-Computer PD 570
ST-Computer PD 571
ST-Computer PD 572
ST-Computer PD 573
  • Yatzee 3.2
  • Wort-Fix
  • Pardon!
    Pardon! is the computer implementation of a so-called Patience. Patience is a card game in which one player alone usually tries to put all cards into a prescribed order according to certain rules. Ace over 2 3 in ascending or descending order ... to king are to be built up separately by suit.
  • Denkmal
    Variant of Master Mind. Also runs as an accessory.
  • Atarimind
ST-Computer PD 574
  • CD-Verwaltung
    Management of CD collections.
  • Mitel
    Small database for managing addresses and telephone numbers.
ST-Computer PD 575
  • Ad Astra
    Ad-Astra by Renate Steinbach & Ralf Bibinger is an astrology program for the ST.
ST-Computer PD 576
  • CHAOSultd 5.0
    CHAOS Ultd. is a universal program for creating fractal worlds. Runs resolution independent and in all system environments.
ST-Computer PD 577
  • Circles
    Skill game based on the principle of pushing boxes, with some special stones. 11 levels, another 40 can be obtained from the author
ST-Computer PD 578
  • PaintShop+
    It loads files in Degas, NEO, Art Director, IMG, STAD, Doodle and Atari Clipboard formats as well as its own and saves in PIC format. The usual tools and effects (like solarize) are present as well as 'bend' and 'cylinder'. Pictures bigger than screen are loadable, although they will be cropped. An archiving facility allows up to 30 pictures to be stored in a special archive file. These may be loaded directly into Paintshop + or viewed from within the archive. If GDOS is loaded, the fonts specified in the ASSIGN.SYS file will be available within Paintshop +. Signum fonts and its own font format (three supplied on disk) are also supported. The most important feature with regard to fonts is support for Borland's BGI vector fonts which can be used at any size or any angle. A 'GPL' editor is included which allows small programs to be run from within Paintshop, generating graphic images. Up to three GPL's can be in memory at any time.
ST-Computer PD 579
  • Bootmenü 3.6
  • ClockDrv
    Driver for a DCF-77 atomic time receiver, screen saver, hard disk parking and date/time displaying in the menu bar
  • Funktionplot 1.5
    For plotting functions. Complete curve discussion with calculation of zeros, extreme values, integrals and others.
  • Grafias
    Interprets HPGL commands and generates the pulses for a 2-axis stepper motor card of a plotter at the parallel interface, including a flexible pen control.
  • Grobview ST
    Converts IMG files to HP-48-SX compatible graphic files and vice versa.
  • StartUp 3.5
    Startup allows to select the relevant AUTO and ACC programs on the floppy disk during booting.
ST-Computer PD 580
  • The Vault III
    Classic text adventure in which a dangerous criminal must be caught. Travel with your space glider to the earth of the future and save the human race.
  • The Vault II
    Continuation of Vault I. Text adventure, in which the criminal Delwin Derock, who broke out of prison in part 1 and fled to Scotland, causes trouble. It is suspected that he illegally produces plutonium there and supplies the black market. Catch him and stop the trade.
  • The Vault I
    German text adventure. In an old Scottish castle the lord of the castle is found one morning hanging from a tree. The clues point to a murder, but the police are completely in the dark. Some clues are given, the rest you have to find in the castle.
ST-Computer PD 581
  • Busmanager
    With Busmanager you take over the role of a well-paid manager of a bus company, who is supposed to expand the capacity of the buses to 2000 seats and be debt-free in the end. No easy task, because it is necessary to calculate precisely and use the existing capacities profitably.
ST-Computer PD 582
  • CleverSound
    Load and play music files (only Atari standard files, also called X32 song).
  • Klimper
    This program is a MIDI program, more precisely a note editor, which is ideal for hobby programmers and those who want to become one. The concept of Klimper is based on the acoustic output, where note printing has been neglected.
  • Puzzle (Schwesinger)
    Any image must first be divided into puzzle pieces, the number of which may vary. Afterwards the picture is put together.
ST-Computer PD 583
  • Jenseits des Flusses
    Captivating fantasy role-playing game developed with the HASCS II professional system
ST-Computer PD 584
  • Scrypto
    Scrypto - an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program for the Atari ST. Takes an IMG format file (such as a scan of a page of text) and converts it to ASCII format.
ST-Computer PD 585
  • Wega Development Kit
    Offers numerous development functions for Pure C. Includes, among other things, its own objc_edit(), form_button() and form_keybd() functions in addition to its own form_do(), making edit fields even more flexible. Furthermore, the DRAW3D status is also evaluated, but this is only done with a color count of 16.
ST-Computer PD 586
  • Paint it
    Paint it is a painting program for the monochrome ST resolution. The PRG is not programmed GEM-compliant, but offers an easy to use graphical toolbar. It offers the usual painting functions. In addition, slideshows and animations can be created and color images can be converted.
ST-Computer PD 587
ST-Computer PD 588
  • Bohnen
    Puzzle game from Africa
  • Knobel
    Collection of different puzzle games. Domino variant, Towers of Hanoi, Ishido, Kalah, Leblon, Master Mind, Mines, Pipes, Push me, Puzzle, Quadrix, Reversi, Shift, Senso, Sokoban, Solitaire, Number Chess.
  • Memory (Schneider)
    With this Memory variant you have to prove how good your memory is. There are 10 difficulty levels to choose from. The operation is easy thanks to mouse control and the game is fun because of the sophisticated graphics.
  • Würfel
    Simulates the simultaneous throwing of up to six 6-dice plus two dice of any size in the range 2-99. With statistics.
ST-Computer PD 589
ST-Computer PD 590
  • Expander
    Start GEM applications from other programs. Unfortunately only possible for programs without own menu bar or own desktop.
  • Eddy
    Editor with block operations and macro programming, text encryption with password and text analysis.
ST-Computer PD 591
  • Gem-NMR 1.10
    Many molecules show temperature dependent NMR spectra as a result of hindered exchange processes. In order to obtain thermodynamic data from these spectra, time-dependent spectra are calculated based on the chemical shifts and coupling constants in the slow exchange region. GEMNMR is a program for the comfortable simulation of time-dependent NMR spectra on Atari computers.
  • Fourier
    Recording and printing of a voltage synthesis
ST-Computer PD 592
ST-Computer PD 593
  • Liquidat
    Helpful assistance in writing invoices according to the regulations on fees for naturopathic practitioners.
  • Moderne Börsengeschäfte
    Manages virtually all types of stocks and derivatives.
  • Nährwert 1.03
    Nutritional value analysis
ST-Computer PD 594
  • OMI-Tools
    Utility program for programming in Omikron Basic
  • Wühlmaus 1.12
    Program or Accessory with 4 functions: Display Wordplus and ASCII texts, search for files, search several texts for character strings and compare two texts. Output optionally to screen, printer or file.
ST-Computer PD 595
  • Bronto
    Nice story with a little dinosaur, drawn in comic style
  • Mini-Mal
    Drawing program with integrated sprite editor.
ST-Computer PD 596
  • Pointer
    Conversion of numbers in different number systems (with a base between 3 and 36). With Pointer 2 the conversion dialogs can be displayed in 7 different windows at the same time.
  • Smurf
    SMURF is a relatively simple file monitor. With SMURF you can view texts in ASCII format or display a file in any format in hexdump format. In ASCII mode, you can number the lines and expand any existing tabs according to an adjustable tab width.
  • Shake
    Changes the physical order of files.
  • 16MHz
    Brings Mega STEs without control panel to 16 MHz with cache.
  • Kolumbus
    Fully functional text editor with integrated shell for programming languages on the Atari ST and TT. A make interpreter is integrated to handle the shell function. Files and directories can be created, deleted, moved and copied.
  • FINDER (Hövener)
    Search for a string in files.
  • Cookie (Pure C)
    Collection of functions for Turbo C / Pure C that makes it easier to manage cookies.
ST-Computer PD 597
  • Centi
    Shooter game similar to Centipede, can be installed as an accessory.
  • MineX
    Defuse a minefield
  • Saisho
    Board game
  • Spy
    Uncover the spies
  • TicTacToe
    Conversion of the well-known game.
ST-Computer PD 598
  • ZX81-Emulator
    Sinclair ZX81 Emulator. This program allows the Atari ST computers to emulate one of the first home microcomputers, the Timex - Sinclair ZX81.
ST-Computer PD 599
  • 40 Burgen für Ballerburg
    Forty new castles for the popular game Ballerburg from disk S 71.
  • Schadist
    Ball game of the special kind
  • TI-Quiz
    Excellent question and answer game. With questions on various topics such as environment, technology, music or literature. Including an editor for designing your own lessons
ST-Computer PD 600
  • Discothek
    The! Music management from Tigersoft in version 4.1. Works in all resolutions of the TT, even on large screens, and a driver for the HP Deskjet has been integrated. With Discothek you can easily manage even the largest music collection. The program offers all conceivable search functions with logging option and additionally a special function to print lists. Your specifications can range from the name of the artist to the maximum and minimum length of a track (useful for scoring movies and filling gaps on cassettes).
  • Sounder 1.15
    Music database with the option to print tape sleeves.
  • Videothek
    Video management of Tigersoft in version 1.2. Runs also in all resolutions of the TT, even on large screens, also a driver for the HP Deskjet was integrated. With Videothek you manage your video collection very comfortably. The program meets all requirements. From simple archiving with search functions and label printing, to ambitious management with information about director, actors, year and country of production, etc. The program also comes with many useful extras. For example, you can see on which cassette the movie you want to record tonight still fits in time. At the touch of a button you can display defaulting borrowers of your video cassettes or get interesting statistical data about your collection.

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