ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 451
    Provides information on genetic engineering. Explains, among other things, in descriptive graphics various types of reproduction of plants and animals, basic concepts of genetics, cell structure, mitosis and meiosis
  • Notenverwaltung 1.64
    For teachers. Manages grades for one subject per file. Files can be stored coded if required. With the program it is possible to sort names by alphabet and gender, assign works to specific groups, assign groups with their own weighting factors, display averages taking into account the weighting factors and groups, graphically display the distribution of grades (accumulation) of all works of a student, etc.
  • REW Learn
    Universal learning program for any topic. In addition to vocabulary, complex questions and answers can be compiled, but these are not checked by the computer.
ST-Computer PD 452
  • REW-Crossword
    Generator for crossword puzzles. The program generates new crossword puzzles from a basic vocabulary, which you can extend yourself. These are then to be solved.
  • Wordking
    Word search game. In a grid, words are hidden between random letter sequences. These must be found. Each search term can be placed vertically, horizontally or diagonally and written forward or backward.
  • Die große Flut
    Adventure role playing game. In Eritrea you meet friendly and unfriendly inhabitants and dangerous monsters. You will discover the secret that determines the fate of Eritrea. You have to survive.
ST-Computer PD 453
  • ChemCalc
    Scientific calculator with auxiliary programs, all running as ACC or APP, results can be transferred directly into other programs, on request also in TeX notation, calculation protocol, for chemists molar mass calculation, period system, manual with many data. Works from ST-Mid, MTOS...
  • Die Erde
    For displaying the globe, calculating the position of the sun and the resulting position of the subsolar point and the boundary between the day and night halves on the earth's surface.
  • Mistral
    Drawing program with extensive functions for contouring, shadowing and drawing through sections, with many special painting routines (spline etc.), good magnification function and support for numerous image formats
ST-Computer PD 454
  • Timmy
    Accessory or program to display date and time. Can also be used as an alarm clock and as a call fee counter for telephone calls.
  • Winx 1.3
    Winx by Martin Osieka expands GEM in TOS versions up to version 4.04 to include some of the features which are available in MultiTOS. From users point of view this means (among other stuff) more windows allowed, enhanced control elements for background windows and an expanded user interface. Additionally some bugs and deficiencies of the different GEM versions have been removed or repaired.
  • WF-Edit
    Comfortable GEM editor. Works with its own desktop, where you can also iconify texts. This allows it to handle more than seven windows. Clipboard support, automatic swapping of source codes to disk in case of memory shortage. With all necessary editing functions and parameter transfer.
  • Mini-OCR
    Accessory for character recognition. By framing a certain part of the screen (graphic or running program) the text contained there is captured or printed as ASCII file.
    Prevents a reset if the plug of the SM124 is pulled out of the socket. If the plug is plugged back in, you can continue working at the same place where you stopped before.
  • SQ555
    Utility designed for removable media drives, as not all hard disk drivers detect the change of a medium properly. A program start in KAOS is suppressed.
  • ALMA
    ALMA (the alertboxmaker): a programming tool to simplify the creation of GEM alertboxes.
  • CheckHD 8.3
    CHECKHD monitors important hardware values of hard disks available for the ST and times access and transfer rates. It was written to create a low-level standard test for hard disks. CHECKHD is a GEM program and should therefore be easy to use.
ST-Computer PD 455
  • EagleData 3.25
    Database for addresses, records etc. The input mask is freely definable, comfortable search and sorting operations. Simple operation, controllable via menu and keyboard.
  • Spesen
    For the creation of a weekly expense report. Features: Date function, output to printer, ASCII or company specific forms, yearly statistics of all parameters, monthly statement etc. Extensive foreign expense records available.
  • Turtle
    TURTLE is a fast hard disk backup utility program. It requires no special hardware, and the floppies written are standard TOS disks. To accomplish this speed, certain simple steps must be taken. TURTLE requires just about all the RAM you have (for double sided disks).
ST-Computer PD 456
  • Vital
    Contains nutritional values from about 80 different foods. In addition to calories, proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids are also listed, the minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron and also vitamins A, E, B1, B2, niacin and C.
  • Laufbilder
    A slide show program for images in Neochrome, Degas, Screen, Imagic, STAD, Art Director and GfA image formats. The images are automatically converted on loading, if necessary. Then you can choose the order and the playback speed as you like. The image sequence can be saved as macro and recalled later.
  • Turmite
    For displaying two-dimensional Turing machines. Features: Built-in editor, magnifying glass function with single step, fast assembler routines. The program allows to create, manipulate and observe the activity of a Turmite.
  • Magic View 1.5
    Slide show with freely selectable transition effects. Loading and saving possible
ST-Computer PD 457
  • Bundesliga-Adventure
    This program is not meant to be a Bundesliga simulation, it is more of an adventure game. (You can see it by the fact that the goal yield is much higher than in the Bundesliga). You must try to become German Champion, German Cup Winner and European Cup Winner in one season with the right 'TACTIC '. Then you will be entered in the all-time best list as a record champion.
  • Käsekästchen
    Play Cheese Boxes against the computer. Interesting computer conversion.
  • Starwing
    Economic and strategy simulation in the universe. The goal is the exploitation of new or uninhabited planets, which easily leads to combat. Also in demand are strategy, navigation and economic control
ST-Computer PD 458
  • Calamus-Fonts
    These fonts may be freely copied and distributed by private users. The condition for this is that this text may not be changed or deleted. If you want to register as a user, the shareware fee is 15 DM.
  • HPGL-Treiber
    GEM VDI driver for HPGL laser printers. The driver redirects the print output to the plotter after GDOS has been started.
  • Multifont
    MULTIFONT is a combined font load accessory / program, i.e. you can start it as ACC or as PRG. It handles the font formats standard GEM format and IMAGE format, as used by FontEdit accessory. In addition, MULTIFONT works together with GDOS, so it can also load fonts in this way.
ST-Computer PD 459
  • xEdit 1.5
    xEDIT is a relatively small and simple to use text editor. It is shareware. The program and all documentation are completely in German.
  • IdealList 3.0
    IdeaList is a versatile tool used to print out ASCII files and files in Wordplus format or RTF. This when used can save up to 80% of paper consumption. Also when you use this program because it has a printer driver exclusive to your own printer you can control all of your printer functions and you can also print the files in better quality. In other words it takes all the hard work out of printing files.
ST-Computer PD 460
  • Formel 1-ST 0.20
    Game for up to 4 players. You take over the management of a Formula 1 team and must try to win the world championship with this team. The catch is that 19 other teams try to do the same.
ST-Computer PD 461
  • Oxyd 2
    Game. With new tiles, clever gags and exciting game options. Can be played in two player mode via modem in addition to MIDI. Without manual 10 levels are supported
ST-Computer PD 462
  • Spacola
    A game where you travel through the galaxy as a salesman.
ST-Computer PD 463
  • Audio Manager 1.11
    Management of extensive music collections (LP, CD, MC, DAT, Hifi-VHS)
  • Med-Easy
    Converter program of the literature administration Medline to Easybase.
ST-Computer PD 464
  • Key Desktop
    With Key Desktop you can now also control the menu functions with the old TOS 1.x via keyboard. It is also possible to open drives with the keyboard.
  • MicroShell 1.2
    Shell for the LHARC packing program from version 1.13. Unpacking and packing with complete folder structure. Application registration and parameter passing are supported.
  • Power Hardcopy 4.0
    Prints graphics on almost all 9, 24-pin and laser printers. HP Deskjet II, II+, possibly III. Image processing possible to a limited extent
  • HP-Desk
    Hardcopy driver for HP-DeskJet. Numerous options and good user interface. Image contents can be stored as IMG file (clipboard support). Resident program.
  • Fast-Compiler-Shell
    Compiler shell for GFA-Basic.
  • Disk-Stat
    Shows the usage level of connected drives (ST/TT).
  • Cookie-Jar Info
    Shows the installed cookie jars and associated information.
  • HD-Info 1.0
    Shows the free space on the hard disk. Display either by numerical values or by a graph (pie chart or bar chart). In a further menu all partitions are shown at a glance. Can be installed as program or as an accessory.
ST-Computer PD 465
  • Ask me 3.0a
    Supports the hierarchical linking of text and graphics (data sheets), so that you get to another sheet e.g. after selecting a button. This way you can e.g. create a magazine, a quiz or an adventure. With music support and comfortable editor for creating the sheets. Including many examples
  • VG8 1.0
    Strong variant of Four Wins.
ST-Computer PD 466
  • Q-Mail/MINI
    Shortened version of the Quark mailbox (Maus-Net). Command-driven, board-oriented level structure. With all important features of the full version. Not network-compatible.
ST-Computer PD 467
  • Lasso
    Schneidet Bildblöcke aus. Lediglich die 4 Eckpunkte müssen markiert werden. Zum Ausschneiden nicht-rechteckiger Bildteile ("Shapes") und zum Einsetzen in ein beliebiges Hintergrundbild
  • SysInfo 1.02
    SysInfo is a utility program that provides a very comprehensive list of information about your system including processor type, cookie jar listing, FPU info, Blitter info
  • Selector 2.73
    Offers the possibility to select the accessories and auto programs to be activated at the beginning of the boot process. Several predefined boot settings are supported
  • Epromereditor
    Illustrates the programming of EPROMs
  • DJColumn
  • Another Chaos-Plotter
    For high resolution, used for plotting mathematical iterations. Special features: Graphical user interface, control with the mouse, three display modes, saving images (screen format) and parameters.
ST-Computer PD 468
  • Kritzel 3.9
    Graphic program incl. source code in GfA-Basic (over 4000 lines). Many special functions: Block compression and rotation, prism and pyramid, spraying with pattern, Bézier curves. STAD and IMG images can be loaded and saved. Different print sizes.
  • Lan'Plan
    A practical timetable program to print out your personal timetable.
  • Medizin
    The program provides information on ingredients, usage and side effects of 472 over-the-counter drugs. If the symptoms are indicated, the program will display a suitable medication.
  • Stammbaum 2.27
    Manages the most complicated relationships in a family tree or list form, up to the 14th generation. Ideal entry for genealogy.
ST-Computer PD 469
ST-Computer PD 470
  • ABC 2.51
    Anti bacteria condom. Serves as a precaution against link viruses by changing all extensions (previous viruses look for PRG, ACC, TOS). The new extensions are automatically marked as executable in the desktop info, so that they can still be started normally.
  • Scrutinizer
    For checking the boot sector of a disk in drive A: and for displaying an executable boot program.
  • Virendetektor
    Detects numerous boot and link viruses, immunises floppy disks and thus prevents new infections. The program checks complete floppy disks and/or hard disks and forms checksums. With detailed introduction to virus science.
  • WProtect
    Used for write protection of drives
ST-Computer PD 471
  • Mimama
    eXtended form-do() library. Extensive library for creating dialogs with buttons, hotkeys and comfortable input fields. The dialogs can be moved.
  • ModVers
    Version manager for Modula-2 programs. Allows to keep different parts of code in one source and manage them accordingly. With parameters like 'with trace', 'PC version' or 'without checks' a corresponding program is created.
ST-Computer PD 472
  • SBF - Sportbootführerschein
    Learning and training program for maritime and inland navigation, with respective visual signs for day and night, sound and flag signals
ST-Computer PD 473
ST-Computer PD 474
  • STEnlarge
    Large screen simulator
  • SplitIt
    Splits files into any number of parts and reassembles them
  • Satellit
    Shows system information of the computer and simulates different memory configurations. Display and print text files, delete and copy files, ss conversion, keyboard reset.
  • Miniwert
    Lists gross sales and extracts the sales tax contained therein.
  • Megafree
    Shows free RAM up to 10 MB.
  • FileSELector
    File sector with new possibilities, e.g. displaying the tree structure, several extensions at the same time
  • FastFileFinder 3.1.1
    Fast search of files on disk or hard disk.
  • D-Info-N
    Information about drives and files.
  • Call TTP
    Facilitates the use of TTP programs. A larger input line is available to the user. Transfer parameters are not automatically converted to upper case. Input or output can be redirected to a file, etc. (HD recommended).
ST-Computer PD 475
  • Collecto
    Reads RCS H-files and creates modules in LST format for GFA-Basic.
  • Der Detektor
    Searches files for text paragraphs. With result log.
    Serves to cut out any image blocks. These can be saved afterwards as LST- or inline file for further use in GFA-Basic. The program or accessory also knows different graphic formats
ST-Computer PD 476
  • Cäsar läßt grüßen...
    Latin learning program with index cards. Expandable, also for other languages.
  • Für Schule
    Program package for physics and mathematics with graphical display of the results.
ST-Computer PD 477
  • Sqyrrel
    Bank loader for Yahama QY10. With 16 Christmas carols (also in Notator format).
ST-Computer PD 478
  • Hückel
    HUECKEL.TOS calculates MOs and orbital energies based on a user input, as well as simple properties of molecules with planar pi systems in the context of the Hueckel approximation. This is the oldest quantitative calculation method in theoretical chemistry.
  • 99th HABU 2.12
    Collection and evaluation of current expenditure and income in private households
  • 99th Bio
    Calculates curves of physical, mental and emotional 'fitness' as well as a mean value curve. Also critical days, the position of the daily rhythms in the system as well as a detailed evaluation of the daily mood can be displayed. The age is displayed in days, weeks and months, and the day of the week of birth is also indicated. Fully menu-driven. All data can be printed out.
ST-Computer PD 479
ST-Computer PD 480
  • Konto (Nakott)
    Management of home accounts
  • Tiluie
    This program is an address management program that has implemented the common features and works with GEM.
  • CED 1.03
    GEM based text editor.
ST-Computer PD 481
  • Biegeträger
    Calculation of stress and deformation of bending beams of different materials (also wood)
  • Getriebe I
    Calculation of gear drives up to 3 shafts and 3 gears
  • Mimama/XForm_Do 1.2
    eXtended form-do() library. Extensive library for creating dialogs with buttons, hotkeys and comfortable input fields. The dialogs can be moved.
ST-Computer PD 483
  • High-End 3.8 1 of 2
    Helps with calculations when building your own loudspeaker boxes. A large data collection is included
ST-Computer PD 484
  • High-End 3.8 2 of 2
    Helps with calculations when building your own loudspeaker boxes. A large data collection is included
ST-Computer PD 485
ST-Computer PD 486
  • Briefmarke ST
    Manages your stamp collection, with evaluation of collector value and stamp search function
  • Genea
    GENEA is a program written as an important tool for family, ancestor and descendant research.
ST-Computer PD 487
  • Fraktale
    Flexible fractal program (Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton), calculation in background possible.
  • Graftale + IFS
    Generation and manipulation of graftals and iterative functional systems.
ST-Computer PD 488
  • SpoolCPX
    Spooler configurable via XControl.
  • Speichertest
    Memory test
  • Konv-RSC
    Conversion of RSC files into Assembler source code.
  • SendTo
    Sends any string to the serial or parallel interface
  • DiskView
    Formats floppy disks. Creates folders, searches and deletes unnecessary files on the hard disk
  • Attrio
    Sets file attributes.
ST-Computer PD 489
ST-Computer PD 490
  • 3D-Edit
    Creates three-dimensional rotation bodies that can be moved in space as desired. Animation scenes can also be generated
ST-Computer PD 491
  • Bandmanager 1.1
    Manages band data, organizer, performances, repertoire and contracts in a Phoenix database
  • Datebook 2.25
    Reminds you of important dates or birthdays. For this purpose, it looks in a simple text file at system startup. Freely designable. Appointment on a certain day or even in the month in question.
  • GEM-View
    This program allows you to view almost any picture format from almost any computer in almost any resolution on any Atari 16-bit or 32-bit machine! The picture is displayed in a GEM window and the scroll bars can be used to view areas not displayed on screen, where the resolution of the picture exceeds that of your monitor. Pictures with more colours than can be displayed in the current resolution go through a colour reduction and dithering process so that the picture can be viewed. You can currently display any picture in the following formats:- GIF, SUN, B&W, PAC, IFF, BMP, RLE, IMG (including colour), GEM, NEO, ART, DEGAS, TINY, DOO, SPU, SPC, XBM, PBM, PGM, PPM, MAC, TGA, TIFF, RSC, PCX, VIDAS, APPLE II, Mac Sartup Screen, Megapaint, CRG, Apple Imagewriter, MGF, Monostar, Printfox, Pagefox, Thunderscan, Inshape, STraight Fax, R24, QFax/Coma-Fax, XGA, PhotoCD and JPEG. Pictures can be resized and resaved in IMG, ESM, IFF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TGA, MGF, Inshape, STraight Fax, R24, QFax/Coma-Fax or JPEG formats.
  • Meta-Bit 1.1e
    With META-BIT, GEM standard vector graphics (metafiles, *.GEM) can be edited within certain limits and then saved as raster graphics of any size. The following formats are available: GEM-VDI IMG, TIFF, ZSoft PCX, Screen (PIC), Degas monochrome uncompressed, PaintShop Compressed and STAD-PAC.
ST-Computer PD 492
  • LittleMemView
    RAM monitor (also TT). Display of cookie variables and system variables of the TOS
  • Orion
    Early virus detection
  • MultiFormat
    Flexible formatting program
  • MultiDiskCopy
    Copy disk contents to a file that can be copied back to disk (even 2 disks at the same time)
  • Calendar (CPX)
  • Format
    A CPX module that enables disks to be formatted in the background.
  • Diskinfo 3.00
    For importing and managing the contents of floppy disks. Tables of contents of floppy disks, partitions or folders can be read in. Several masks are taken into account. With the option of exporting the data in various formats, from tabular form to output for Adimens. Example database for Adimens included. Supports the clipboard, has customisable printer output and runs as a program and acc. Disk management.
  • Circinus
    With this program it is possible to change the following file properties: names, date, time, attributes.
  • ASCII-Tabelle
    The control panel window shows the ASCII characters of the extended ASCII table. They are also listed as hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary numbers.
ST-Computer PD 493
  • Roll-X
    You have to move your ball and collect items on a hidden playing field
  • Ultris
    Ultris is a Tetris variant for high ST resolution. Your task is to make sure that the falling stones form horizontal rows. For this purpose you can turn and move the falling stones.
  • Halma
    Halma against the computer
  • Domino 1.2
    New version of the computer conversion of Domino.
ST-Computer PD 494
  • Chaos-Studio
    Calculation of Mandelbrot set, Pickover sets, Mandalas, psycho pictures and more poster printing
  • Kalorien
    Monitors your calorie intake and evaluates your diet
  • Mandle Power
    Mandelbrot set
  • TI-Gap-T
    Gap text learning program
  • DFÜ-Lex 1.50
    Encyclopedia. 448 definitions of terms facilitate the dial-up work. With three instructional texts on dial-up topics and convenient search routines
ST-Computer PD 495
  • Multitalent
    Accessory. Display of free space on disk. Delete, hide, rename files, virus test, display an ASCII table, set date and time, create folders, snapshot function and notepad
  • WS-DOS 1.5
    Responds like a PC, looks like one and reacts like one. All DOS commands are recognized, explained on request and - if possible - executed on the ST. DOS software does not run on it, of course.
  • Ti_Start
    The computer waits for the hard disk to boot when it starts up.
  • RDDI
    Resolution-independent desktop info.
  • PC-Start
    Supports the use of PC and AT-Speed ACC in connection with graphic cards, e.g. Mega-Screen.
  • FileScan
    Reads directories of partitions and displays any changes.
  • Formatter
    Formatting program
  • Datadisk
    Datadisk 5.05: Disk management in perfection. If you own many floppy disks, you have to list, comment, mark, update and occasionally reassemble the data inventory. Datadisk handles these tasks quite convincingly. In conjunction with the DD-Copy copying program, optimum use of the existing data media is achieved, which ultimately also results in cost savings.
  • Autosort
    Changes the order of entries in the AUTO folder.
  • AccStart
    Resolution switching without reset for Acc with graphics enhancements
    Data about total capacity, free and used space of drives. Determines free computer memory.
ST-Computer PD 496
ST-Computer PD 497
  • ST-Vokabel Plus
    Vocabulary trainer with a large vocabulary from various fields and areas of life
  • UKW-Funk
    Theoretical examination for the 'Restricted VHF maritime radio certificate'
  • Is-Deutsch
    Spelling learning program, with exercises and word games
  • Berichtsheft 1.0
    Helps apprentices to edit and print the report portfolio
  • Grundplot
    Plot program for basic mathematical functions, their 1st and 2nd derivatives and an integral function
ST-Computer PD 498
  • Ti_Türme_von_Hanoi
  • Wunder
  • Ti-Isola
    Each player tries to intercept the other by putting obstacles in their way. Can also be played against the computer.
  • Ti_Xplod
    Another two player game where the players take turns of placing a counter on a grid. Each square on the grid can contain only a certain number of counters, once a square is over-filled, it explodes and the counters move to neighbouring squares.
  • Ti_Shoot
    Shows a Space Invader, which can be shot at. In the bonus round the action really gets going
  • Ti_Mäuse
    This game program is similar to the public domain program RATTE. In contrast to this one, however, it is just as slim 38 KB ( instead of 333 ). It also runs in low and high resolution.
  • Ti_Frogs
    Ti_FROG is a dice game for two persons, which runs in low and high ST resolution and with all operating systems. The computer can represent one player and is a serious opponent. The program is also suitable for 'small' players.
  • Ti_1_2_3
    Who eats the last frog?
ST-Computer PD 499
  • Arcgsh 4.1
    Simplifies the use of common archiving programs, a selection of which is included on the disk
ST-Computer PD 500
  • Setz ab
    Three-dimensional Tetris version, with source.
  • VDisk
    Reset-proof RAM disk as an accessory. Free size and drive settings. The special feature is that the complete content can be stored on floppy disk or hard disk, thus achieving very fast loading times. In addition, the RAM disk can be disconnected again or booted from it (auto folders and accessories).
  • Uhr (Schmidt)
    Nice analog clock as ACC and PRG.
  • Telefon-Register
    Convenient address card index, which displays all addresses by clicking on the respective letter. Designed like a telephone register.
  • ST-Skat
    The computer takes over 2 game partners. The program can play Grand, Null, Hand, Ouvert and can also announce Schneider and Schwarz.
  • 3-D Irrgarten 1.0
    A three-dimensional maze game. The size and thus the difficulty level can be changed. The aim of the game is to leave the garden with as few steps as possible. You can use different aids, such as compass, aiming pillar, position and maze display. With Source
  • Pyrosave
    Screen saver with fireworks.
  • Push Box
    Guide the storeman around pushing boxes as he goes, in an attempt to get all the boxes into the store room. However, you must work out which boxes to move and where to move them to or you will be unable to complete the level. A great logic puzzle with several levels.
  • Key Desktop
    With Key Desktop you can now also control the menu functions with the old TOS 1.x via keyboard. It is also possible to open drives with the keyboard.
  • Karteye 3.1
    Manages data of all kinds. Featuring macro functions, mask editor, mailing lists and numerous data masks
  • FastFileFinder 3.1.1
    Fast search of files on disk or hard disk.
  • Digiuhr ST
    Time display in the menu bar.
  • Winx
    Winx by Martin Osieka expands GEM in TOS versions up to version 4.04 to include some of the features which are available in MultiTOS. From users point of view this means (among other stuff) more windows allowed, enhanced control elements for background windows and an expanded user interface. Additionally some bugs and deficiencies of the different GEM versions have been removed or repaired.

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