ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 151
  • 3D-Fractals 2.0
    Creates a three-dimensional fractal image. The viewing angle can be selected in the basic image in any direction and height
ST-Computer PD 152
  • Sticker
    Floppy disk printer with many options. Reads in the directory and transfers program names to the labels with a mouse click. Each label with image. Images for many topics available. With integrated drawing program
ST-Computer PD 153
  • Pentimo
    Different puzzle pieces must be placed in a field of any size. Pieces can be turned and rotated. Field size adjustable.
ST-Computer PD 154
  • STScheck
    Printing program for cheques and bank transfer orders. Customisation to each form by moving the data positions by mouse. With printer configuration program.
ST-Computer PD 155
  • CFGalyse
    Converts 1st Word CFG files back into editable HEX data.
  • Druckertest
    Determines the true times for text and graphics printing for each printer.
ST-Computer PD 156
  • Megamax-Shell
    Shell for direct call of editor, compiler, linker, improver, disassembler, RCP and other programs. Built-in Make. Printer output with adjustment. Numerous settings.
  • TOY-PROLOGshell
    Shell for Prolog 10 from disk S 11. Opening Prolog, editor and options by icon click (with source in C).
  • Turbo.Shell
    Shell for Lattice C.
    Easy to use, simplified operation of XLISP (Disk S 7), with source code in C
ST-Computer PD 157
  • Elementar-Analyse
    Help for chemists, CTA's and laboratory technicians with elemental analysis. Checks whether measured values result in a useful element or whether it could be another, contaminated element. Detailed instructions. Knows all elements of the periodic table.
  • Laborant ST/TT Plus 1.11
    Laborant ST/TT Plus version 1.24 by Jens Schulz - the "Universal Chemistry Package". A high quality chemistry program.
  • MS_Plot
    For drawing mass spectra in chemistry
ST-Computer PD 158
  • Swing-By
    Simulation game with gravity. In three different variations you have to try to maneuver a planet past some suns and bring it to its destination (with Source in GFA-Basic)
  • Sternzeit
    Calculates the starry sky from the data of about 300 stars with 1/10 minute accuracy.
  • Ephemeriden der Planeten
    Celestial body calculations. Calculates the ephemeris of the moon and the planets, as well as other heliocentric celestial bodies (graphical representation of the starry sky, horizon). Displays all stars and star data, at specific times, different locations and viewing directions. Animation of the same.
ST-Computer PD 159
  • Benzin-Verbrauchsberechnung
    Fuel cost calculation, graphic evaluation, list printing, statistics.
  • Liga-Tab
    Table calculation for clubs, players or fans. Season overview, club statistics, current table, match results in the following sports: football, handball, field hockey, basketball, volleyball and table tennis
  • RL KFZ
    Manages fueling, oil changes, accessories, taxes and insurance. With graphical evaluation.
  • Tabellen
    Table management for all kinds of sports.
ST-Computer PD 160
  • Liter
    Management program for journal articles. Space for long comments, search for fragments.
  • PADM
    Professional Atari Data Manager. dBASE II-like database with command language. Flexible data management. Programming with approx. 60 commands.
  • Peters Börsen-Manager
    Stock exchange manager for all who want to earn money on the stock exchange and need an overview.
ST-Computer PD 161
  • Dakar
    Car racing game with race track editor. Two people compete for victory on the self-built track with different racing cars. But there are bottlenecks and hyper magnets to avoid. Track parts and racing cars can be changed.
  • Dodg'em
    Two racing cars on collision course. Only by reacting quickly it is possible to avoid the collision. With sampled sound.
ST-Computer PD 162
  • Morsekurs
    Morse exercises. Hearing training through different fast morse characters.
  • Totosystem
    Calculates from three given banks a Toto system with win guarantee. Even prints the calculated data on the tickets.
  • STundenplan-Manager
    Print a timetable
  • Widerstand
    Outputs the resistance value after clicking on the color combination.
  • Morse-Übungsprogramm
  • Lautsprecher
    Calculation of frequency filters and enclosure volume (bass reflex) for two-way systems, Butterworth and Besselfilter first to fifth order.
  • CW-Trainer
    Morse trainer with realistic noise. Output of characters in different speeds.
  • LGB-Stellwerk
    The switch control system controls a double track section of the station. Computer control via relays and route detectors (e.g. light barriers) are realized via joystick port. Train and signal level display on screen
ST-Computer PD 163
  • PD_Text
    Word processing program with all common features. Handles text attributes, word wrap, formatting in justified and flush left, block operations (copy, move, delete, load/save), variable page division, search/replace, integrated calculator and much more
  • Phraser
    Program for the improvement of papers, seminar papers or other works, contains about 8000 expressions, which are randomly thrown together. Output to printer or RS 232 is possible.
    Convenient control program for NEC P6 and compatibles. Settings like font and margins are sent to the printer at system startup.
  • Filterprogramm
    Compares two text files and transfers all words that are not in the filter file to the target list.
  • 225-Konv
    Converts the ACSII character 225 to 158, so all ß-characters are printed correctly.
ST-Computer PD 164
  • ASCII-Edit
    Allows to reassign the keys on the keyboard. Now you can put e.g. French characters on the block of ten. The program creates a file, which can be used in your own programs
  • Autocopy (Böhnisch)
    Copies arbitrary files from all possible drives or folders into the ramdisk. Ideal for installing the RAM disk.
  • Bootwähler
    Allows you to select more than 6 accessories and rename programs in the auto folder at startup.
  • Filecodierer
    Encrypts any files and thus protects them from unauthorised use.
ST-Computer PD 165
  • Little Painter 4.0
    Drawing program with great features, e.g. gradient function for all filled objects
ST-Computer PD 166
  • English Conjugation System 1.1
    Learning aid for irregular English verbs. Conjugates verbs in the desired tense. Many verbs included.
  • Vocman 1.50
    Extensive vocabulary program. Manages several possible translations for vocabulary.
  • Wörterbuch - Vokabeltrainer
    Learning tool and/or dictionary. As an example a botanic file is included, which contains the Latin names and the German names.
ST-Computer PD 167
  • CP6-Etikett
    Label printing program with color printing. Each element can have a different color. This is done in the menu next to the print data, the ICONS and the disc info. Of course the program also runs with normal printers
  • MC-Writer
    Print program for music tapes.
ST-Computer PD 168
  • Graf Como
    For graphically talented mathematicians. Creates pretty graphics with a mathematical background
  • Kaleidoskop
    Fascinating play of forms and patterns
  • Life 60
    The well-known game of generations
  • Life 88
    Fast version of the reproduction calculation. Random patterns and glider cannons (resident generations). Up to 50 generations per second.
  • Mandelbrot
    Fast calculation of the Mandelbrot set by a special algorithm. Print output with increased resolution, no hardcopy, but with approx. 10 times the resolution of the screen. With source code in C.
ST-Computer PD 169
  • Rocket Defense
    Rocket-Defense is a well-known game in which the earth must be protected against attacks from outer space
  • The Caverns of Larn (Caesar)
    Adventure. Enter an unknown cave. There a multitude of passages, treasures, goblins, traps, magic potions and other pitfalls await you. 
ST-Computer PD 170
  • Imagic 1 of 2
    The PD version of the IMAGIC GRAPHIC COMPILER from Application Systems Heidelberg. It is a complete art package and much more. You can create your artwork within Imagic and then animate it. It is also possible to import your own graphics. The quality of animations possible is incredible. This disk contains the Imagic program along with both mono and colour demos.
ST-Computer PD 171
  • Imagic 2 of 2
    The PD version of the IMAGIC GRAPHIC COMPILER from Application Systems Heidelberg. It is a complete art package and much more. You can create your artwork within Imagic and then animate it. It is also possible to import your own graphics. The quality of animations possible is incredible. This disk contains the Imagic program along with both mono and colour demos.
ST-Computer PD 172
  • Omikron Update
    The program on this disk updates your Omikron Interpreter V3.0 to the newest version 3.0x. In addition to minor changes to the interpreter, this program generates a revised GEMLIB (occupies only one program line) with essential functions, and all other files that belong to the original Omikron disk.
ST-Computer PD 173
  • 3D Life
    A three-dimensional variant of the generational game. The third dimension opens up new aspects
  • 3D-Editor
    For the spatial representation of bodies. These can be freely defined and moved in space
  • Erdkugel
    Real-time animation program. The globe is moved in space at 4 frames per second. Rotation, position and distance can be manipulated via keyboard. Runs on Matrix M 110 large screen
  • Filtrum
    For the calculation of various filters: IIR and FIR filter types, Bessel, Butterworth and Chebyshev filters with different ripples. Band-, high-, low- and allpass filters are calculated. Beside the values the signal level is displayed graphically
  • Pendel
    Simulation of a rotating pendulum with variable damping and deflection. The motion path is calculated with the help of DGLs and displayed graphically.
ST-Computer PD 174
  • Tuzzle
    By shifting blocks (pipelines), the incoming water must be allowed to flow from left to right
  • Push Me
    Game for thinkers. On a playing field a square must be moved from the start to the target position.
  • Planet Lander
    Emergency landing of a spaceship on a planet. The view from the cockpit shows the distance and the landing destination. By skilful direction and thrust control you must now try to land the spaceship safely.
  • Bumerang
    A breakout type game. You don't start hitting the ball as usual,the ball drops down from a random location and you have to hit it.
ST-Computer PD 175
  • Basic Construction Set 1.0
    Basic Construction Set, supports the programming of your own desktops with GFA-BASIC. With a built-in paint program the menus (buttons and decorations) can be drawn on the screen and icons can be placed. BCS creates an executable GFA-BASIC program, which builds up this desktop and queries the built-in buttons
  • G&C Shell
    Shell for GFA-Basic, interpreter and compiler can be executed.
  • Menüshell
  • Sagrotan 4.03
    Latest (and last PD) version of the popular virus killer. The successor ToXis was commercially distributed
ST-Computer PD 176
  • Big Banner
    For printing endless banners. Produces meter-long lettering in various fonts and sizes.
  • LC10 Color
    1st-Word printer driver for STAR LC 10 Color. Allows multicolor text printing. Also adaptable for other color printers.
  • NEC P2200
    Setting program for all control codes via an accessory.
  • Star NL-10 Support
    Setting program for NL10. As an accessory, the printer can be configured at any time according to your own needs.
ST-Computer PD 177
  • Transitor
    Development of electronic circuits. Drawing program with extensive symbol library. Integrated symbol editor (mirroring, moving, rotating)
ST-Computer PD 178
  • The Vault
    German text adventure. In an old Scottish castle the lord of the castle is found one morning hanging from a tree. The clues point to a murder, but the police are completely in the dark. Some clues are given, the rest you have to find in the castle.
ST-Computer PD 179
  • Europa
    Action game with joystick control. A sinister person has distributed several bombs in Europe, which you as an agent have to find, defuse and destroy
ST-Computer PD 180
  • Ephemeriden
    Serves to calculate the ephemeris of different objects within one year after entering a certain time period. Additionally, the possibility is offered to calculate the lunar and solar eclipses of a year, as well as to plot the constellation of the four inner moons of Jupiter on the screen. Program with long observatory experience
ST-Computer PD 181
  • Stundenplandruck P6/7
    Timetable designer for students and teachers (multiple grades), with GFA 2.0 source
  • Wirtschaftsrechnen 0.127
    Mathematical routines for office staff, convenient calculator replacement. Supports basic arithmetic, percentage calculation, conversion of time units, counting masses, English and general length measurements, weight units and body measurements. The following calculation functions are available for bookkeeping: Equity capital, assets, borrowed capital, cost price, cost of goods, profit on goods, calculation of the payment load, linear depreciation, return on sales, profitability, efficiency, productivity, cost of goods ratio and profitability. Finally, to calculate a proposal, you can calculate the weight charges per kilogram, the warehouse interest flow, the purchase multiplier, the administrative overhead surcharge, and much more.
  • Fasttest
    Reaction trainer, to check your ability to react
  • Rechentrainer (Kopfrechnen)
    Calculation trainer for the arithmetic operations: +, -, *, / and root. Different levels of difficulty from easy to very difficult
  • Atarus
    Computer training for the lower school classes. Introduces the difficult subject of mathematics with a nice and relaxed atmosphere.
ST-Computer PD 182
  • Alkohol-Test
    Informative program about alcohol values. The program calculates the theoretical blood alcohol level taking into account personal body mass, the decrease curve informs about effects and risks. Furthermore the susceptibility is judged by numerous questions
  • Speckweg
    The friendly helper for eliminating excess pounds. Generates weight loss plan and informs about the calorie content of many foods. Print a calorie chart
ST-Computer PD 183
  • OPUS No. 1
    OPUS No. 1 is a game where two remote controlled space glider has to find and destroy each other. The first glider is controlled by the player whereas the second one is controlled by the computer. For every hit you'll get one point to your personal point account.
ST-Computer PD 184
    Allows you to start a program that is not known where it is stored. A search path list is created once, which contains possible paths.
  • Convert
    Conversion program between different graphic formats (DEGAS, STAD, PWORKS, DOODLE, IMG, ART DIRECTOR, NEOCHROME) and different resolutions (low, medium, high). Packed formats are also taken into account.
  • Filebox (FSEL_BOX)
    File selector box, which automatically hooks in and replaces the original file selector box. Occupies only 7 KByte memory. Drive icons directly to click on, display of program length, time and date, Up to 16 drives.
  • Goodlook/Goodview
    This magnifying glass shows details of the screen, magnified 2, 4, 8 and 16 times. Activate with , runs with GEM and TOS programs.
  • Rembo
    Removes all REMS (remarks) from a GFA-BASIC program. Programs become much shorter.
  • Suchsets
    Utility that allows the Signum! user to determine which character sets have been used in the documents. The annoying error message "Character set not found" can be avoided in an elegant way. Those who work with hard disk will also benefit from search sets. The program shows when a file has actually been created, even if the date in the directory has been falsified when copying with an old TOS version.
  • WT-HD
    Program to quickly search for individual files on hard disk or floppy disk, taking wildcards into account. Certain partitions can be narrowed down.
ST-Computer PD 185
  • Weller Tools
    Weller-Tools 3.02, the development system for GFA-BASIC programs. The cross-reference analyzer locates errors and makes suggestions for improvement. Weller-Tools includes numerous utilities, integrated help and outline functions for analyzing program structures, manual with 64 pages in WordPlus and ASCII format. The PD version handles programs with a maximum size of 100 KB, all other functions are exactly the same as in the professional version.
ST-Computer PD 186
  • Pendel
    Simulation of a rotating pendulum with variable damping and deflection. The motion path is calculated with the help of DGLs and displayed graphically.
  • Kredit
    Calculations from the credit system. Cost, effective interest rate, comparative interest rate, difference, rediscount
  • Körper
    Calculation of geometric bodies
  • Dreieck
    Calculates from three typical values of a triangle all others.
  • Diskret
    Graphical representation of discrete distribution functions; binominal, geometric or poisson. The output is additionally possible to file for further processing.
ST-Computer PD 187
  • History
    For each female or male first name, lists known historical and modern persons of the same name. More than a thousand historical events and birthdays of well-known personalities are also stored.
ST-Computer PD 188
  • Braingame ST
    Quiz game with 1001 questions from different fields of knowledge. The level is quite high.
ST-Computer PD 189
  • STrans 2.13
    Electronic dictionary with integrated vocabulary trainer.
ST-Computer PD 190
  • Quicklearn 2.0
    Variable vocabulary trainer with numerous vocabulary files in English - French - Morse code - foreign words - calories - currencies etc. Own lessons can be created.
  • Schreibmaschinenkurs 2.0
    You can create your own lessons and exercises that will enable you to learn how to write on a typewriter afterwards.
ST-Computer PD 191
  • Accesory Lader
    To choose between several accessories and autostart programs.
  • Change.It
    To choose between several accessories and autostart programs.
  • DTA
    Choose between several accessories and autostart programs.
  • Greifer 1.0
    Search program for text snippets. Searches in a file or a complete path for single or multiple text passages and writes them into a file if requested. Many options.
  • H-Wandel
    Converts the RCS generated files to GFA 3.0 source
  • Switcher 2.5
    Multifunctional utility. Hooks into the background and allows: 50/60Hz switching, turn off beep, invert image, screen saver after about 3 minutes. Software-based computer halt, variable slow motion, warm and cold start.
  • X32-Konvert
    Converts the file from MusiX32 into a form executable by the operating system routine DOSOUND. This makes it easy to integrate songs into BASIC, C and other programs.
ST-Computer PD 192
  • Zahlendomino
    Solves calculation tasks with symbols. You can also solve tasks set by the computer. Four-digit variables.
  • Symbolik
    Similar to Zomino (number domino), for two-digit variables.
  • Labyrinth
    Game of skill. By moving the mouse a layer containing a route is moved. The ball on this layer must be moved into the target hole. Courses can be freely created, modified and saved.
  • Roboter
    The goal of the game is to take the key in each of the many levels. This is the only way to open the door to the next level. However, you are threatened by robots and have to avoid dangerous bombs
ST-Computer PD 193
  • Speed Master
    Arcade action game for joystick and quick reaction. In many levels you have to collect items. But you will be challenged by mutants. They are constantly changing and thus change their movement strategy. But if you find a power pill, all mutants turn into biscuits and can be eaten.
ST-Computer PD 194
  • FuncCalc
    Program for numerical mathematics. Input and calculation of any variables and function terms. Functions defined in sections, own desktop.
  • Funktionsplotter
    Curve plotter, up to 5 superimposable functions with max. 20 variables each. Y-automatic, sectional enlargement, value calculation, grid, insert text, drawing functions, the resulting graphics can be transferred to other programs.
ST-Computer PD 195
  • MeDat
    File management. Freely definable masks, flexible for all applications. Clear operation through colour design. Serial mail function for 1st Mail
  • Profibase ST
    Mouse and menu controlled file management, also suitable for professional use. Creation of individual masks, powerful query language. Freely definable fields of various types (text, whole and floating point numbers, date and target field, commercial (number, currency) and images)
ST-Computer PD 196
  • BTX-Desk
    Utility program for BTX add-on decoders. Allows to save pages, evaluate them, save them as ASCII file or bring them back to the TV screen as they were by the decoder. Furthermore BTX messages or BTX post-giro transfers can be prescribed on the ST and imported into the BTX system. With a further function and an additional program the telephone bill can be monitored and statistically evaluated BTX-specifically
ST-Computer PD 197
  • Poster-Printer
    Allows poster-size prints for Epson compatible 9-pin printers. Omicron.BAS file, therefore adaptation to other printers possible.
  • Fontprinter
    Generation of 9-pin download fonts (Draft and NLQ). In the editor, the fonts can be created and all print-specific data can be set. Another program ensures that the created fonts are sent to the printer at system startup (auto folder).
  • PD-Hardcopy
    Accessory for screen printing. Variable size adjustment from 3*2mm to 30*21m (max. 8296 sheets). Fixed specifications DIN A0 to DIN A8. For 24- and 8-pin printers (6 different densities in total). 0,90, 180 or 270 degree printout. Invert print. Adjust left margin. Print image section.
ST-Computer PD 198
  • EDI
    Painting tool that can define sprites, mouse shapes, graphic blocks and fill patterns. Is able to create objects that work in higher resolution
  • Klesped
    Sprite editor with many possibilities to create sprites and fill patterns. Sprites can be mirrored, rotated and moved, and image sections can be converted into sprites. Integration of created sprites into programs
  • SpriteKlau
    Utility, searches programs for sprites and displays them on the screen. You can change and save them there.
ST-Computer PD 199
  • Monopoly
    Beautiful version of the well-known board game. Scores can be saved
  • Ramses
    Beautiful mill variant with several game options
ST-Computer PD 200
  • Fussball ST 1.60
    A strategy game for 1-4 players about football. With a lot of skill and luck the players try to manage a football team. Each player tries to score as many points as possible in the 30 league games, 6 DFB and 6 European Cup rounds. The strength of the team can be determined through selective team formation, buying and selling players. Finances can be regulated by ticket prices, stadium expansion or bank loans.

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