ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 251
  • TeX-Basispaket 2 of 2
    S 250/251 contains the TeX main program, PLaIN and LaTeX (comfortable macros for complicated representations), German and English hyphenations (very powerful), printer drivers for NEC P6 (180*180dpi) and a shell. The output of the text on the screen is provided by the screen driver on which the finished document is displayed.
ST-Computer PD 252
  • TeX-Treiber
    High resolution (360*360) printer driver for NEC P6. This driver is also called directly from the shell and delivers optimal print quality.
ST-Computer PD 253
  • TeX MetaFont 1 of 2
    MetaFont is used to create and convert TeX fonts. Fonts can be created for any output device, in different sizes and different styles.
ST-Computer PD 254
  • TeX MetaFont 2 of 2
    MetaFont is used to create and convert TeX fonts. Fonts can be created for any output device, in different sizes and different styles.
ST-Computer PD 255
  • Explode
    Game with two players. The players occupy different fields with their game pieces. If a "normal" field has more than three pieces, it explodes and the pieces surrounding the field change hands.
  • Killer
    Life variant. The player tries to prevent the spread of cells by pulling on the Springer principle. If no cell is hit, the cell colony multiplies
  • Kniffel
    Dice game for up to 6 players
  • Roxxor
    Tron variant. 2 players compete with their cars to destroy each other. The playing field is littered with several obstacles.
  • Sigma
    Intelligent puzzle game. On the playing field, groups of stones are turned over, which you then have to set right.
  • Ti-Isola
    Each player tries to intercept the other by putting obstacles in their way. Can also be played against the computer.
ST-Computer PD 256
  • Animator
    Professional animation program (formerly AEGIS Animation). Various animation techniques: Color animation (scrolling through the color palette, known from Degas), cartoon technique (superimposing individual image sections) and metaphoric animation (rotation and shifting of polygon lines). Complex motion sequences (simple default), fade effects, etc. Created movies can be saved and played back at any speed.
ST-Computer PD 257
  • Drachen-C
    Color version of Drachen
  • Go Up 2.0
    You control a character through over 100 levels, with the pursuers close on your heels. The only thing that helps is to shoot away the stones, whereupon the pursuers get stuck for a short time. With level editor.
  • PD-Super
    Olympic game with 4 sports: 100 m, 110 m hurdles, shot put and hammer throw, expandable
ST-Computer PD 258
  • The Lords of Fate
    German-language text adventure in which Dulgard is the only one with the strength and wisdom to free the great Western Empire from the evil power. Through a language module he can talk to his two friends.
  • Kerovna
    English text adventure. The story: While you are sitting in front of the TV, you are transported to the foreign country Kervona for still unknown reasons. Now it is up to you to return to your country and especially to your time. The way out can be found behind a magic mirror.
  • Rat der Weisen
    Adventure role playing game. You feel worthy to join the council of the wise, but they are not convinced of your wisdom. So it is time to go out to the faraway land and convince the wise men of your abilities.
ST-Computer PD 259
  • Backrezept
    Manages all kinds of baking recipes. Besides the existing examples you can archive, calculate and output your own recipes. All necessary foods are included with their characteristic ingredients (e.g. protein, carbohydrates, fat, calories) and can be displayed graphically.
  • Bausparen 3.0
    Calculates the course of a construction savings contract, based on savings payments of different amounts. This updated version has been extended by the function "General Savings Plans", which allows to calculate credit and interest with annual interest credits, as it is the case for instalment and other savings contracts
  • Persönlichkeitstest
    Provides information about personality, character and stability.
  • Waschboy
    Tips for stain removal
ST-Computer PD 260
  • Messwert 6.1
    Good program for the evaluation and graphic representation of measured values or functions (previous version on S 57). Comfortable user interface, in most cases masters everything in the fields of measured value analysis and curve discussion. Printing with maximum printer resolution, achieving about 10 times higher resolution. The program generates an ASCII plot file with the necessary plotting parameters, so that other output devices are also supported. It is currently designed for 8- and 24-needle printers as well as for HPGL and Kyocera lasers. These "mega plots" can also be loaded into Signum or STAD, the IMG format is also supported. A must for every scientific or mathematical user.
ST-Computer PD 261
  • Barcode
    Creates barcodes for quick programming of video recorders.
  • Dia-Manager
    Management of slides. Manages archive box numbers, magazines, frame numbers, date, film type, subject of the series, contents of a slide, quickfind code.
  • FW-Video
    Management of video films. Very functional, e.g. the counter reading of the recorder can be calculated. Prints stickers for cassette covers and generates various lists.
  • PD-Literat
    Literature database (books/journals), title, author, year, references, description and keywords can be entered flexibly (no field limits). Flexible search feature, which allows e.g. the logical linking of keywords. As an addition, numerous articles from the publications ST-Computer and Dr. Dobbs are included.
ST-Computer PD 262
  • Survey
    Shows all files of a floppy disk or partition and their info
  • VDisk
    Reset-proof RAM disk as an accessory. Free size and drive settings. The special feature is that the complete content can be stored on floppy disk or hard disk, thus achieving very fast loading times. In addition, the RAM disk can be disconnected again or booted from it (auto folders and accessories).
  • The Hyperformatter 2.6
    Extended version. For example, a quick-loading format has been added, which enables fast disk operations through spiralization. Also backwards formatting is now used, which allows an emergency abort, since the most important data (root directory and FAT) are at the beginning. Hyperformat formats an ordinary floppy disk to over 900 KB.
  • XDirList
    Allows to search for files on different drives or partitions. Wildcards are considered. Output of (sorted) lists to screen, printer or file.
  • Hide
    Change the attributes of a file, including the hidden attribute. This allows you to organize your disk and hard drive by hiding files that you do not need immediately.
  • HDInfo
    Shows capacity of the hard disk.
  • Filemon
    File monitor with source code in C.
  • Disketten-Accessory
    Accessory for deleting files and formatting disks. Marks faulty sectors.
  • Directory-Analyser
    Display directories and change file attributes.
ST-Computer PD 263
  • Zoo 2.01
    Well known archiving program.
  • shar
  • DARC
    Utility for archiving whole folder-trees into a single file using ARC.
  • Crunch
    Packing program for still executable programs
  • Arcgsh 2.1
    Simplifies the use of common archiving programs, a selection of which is included on the disk
  • ARC
    The well-known archiving program now also packs whole folders. Including a shell that supports folder packing and a shell for older ARC versions.
ST-Computer PD 264
  • X-VT52 More
    Display of any text with soft scrolling.
  • Soustr
    Program for Imagic, which serves to transform storyboards into animation sequences. In this way, the saving function locked in the PD version is simply bypassed.
  • SetClock
    Set the internal clock
  • Remagic
    Imagic semi-compiler for PD version
  • MessMaus
    Displays mouse position
  • Makersc
    Converting C source code to RSC code
  • fidoLOOK
  • F_Conprn
    Redirect display/print.
  • Auto-Ordner Lader 1.0
    Load TOS.IMG from floppy disk
  • Altcon
    Screen saver, slow motion, keyboard reset, etc.
  • Key-Code-Finder
    Shows ASCII and SCAN code of each key
ST-Computer PD 265
  • Fuss2end 3.0
    Conversion of footnotes in Wordplus documents to endnotes. Allows the selection of the start number of the endnotes and the variable formatting of the endnotes. Also new is a menu item for converting texts in Wordplus format to WordPerfect.
  • Sortplus
    Universal sorting program for ASCII files, with which you can, for example, build a flexible and little memory intensive address file.
  • Output ST 2.03
    Print program for ASCII documents. Settings of all printer parameters, printer adjustment, hiding of comments in program listings (e.g. /* */) and execution of special control codes in the listing.
  • Floskeln
    Powerful accessory with common phrases that can be called up at any time in the menu bar and thus saves a lot of typing work. Supplement the collection of phrases with your own entries.
  • BT-Lexikon
    Dictionary for BeckerText.
  • Briefdruck 2.2e
    Program or accessory for fast and easy envelope printing. The sender and recipient can be entered in two windows
ST-Computer PD 266
  • Delta X 2.6
    Printing of Zweckform disk labels. Easy to use, large graphics library, STAD-, Degas-compatible, prints on Epson-, or NEC P6-compatible
  • Formular
    Print letters, postcards, bank transfers and forms of all kinds. Exact positioning of all text fields by millimetre indication. 9- and 24-pin adjustment, calculating, saving
ST-Computer PD 267
ST-Computer PD 268
ST-Computer PD 269
ST-Computer PD 270
  • Pauker
    Timetable management for teachers.
  • Steuerlotse
    Payroll and income tax return 1984-89.
ST-Computer PD 271
  • BRD-Atlas
    Shows the location of cities, city quiz.
  • Postbuster
    Calculation of telephone fees
  • Ring-Up
    Calculation of telephone fees
ST-Computer PD 272
  • Bar
    Neue Version, mit über 150 versch. Drinks. Sie enthält eine Menge Drinks, die von "soft" bis "tödlich" reichen. Eigene Rezepte können hinzugefügt werden.
ST-Computer PD 273
  • Tetrix
    Yet another of those Tetris clones. This one can be operated by keyboard or joystick and the game can be paused if necessary. You can also show or hide the next piece. What probably makes it unique is its excellent digitised soundtrack which plays throughout!
  • Stetris
    A novel adaptation of Tetris. You can start on any one of 10 different levels, play at any one of 3 skill levels, load and save high score tables and show or hide the next piece. Very well implemented, keyboard controlled but keys are redefinable.
  • Columns
    Interesting Columns variant, where the aim is not to rotate the blocks, but to arrange the different patterns in such a way that three identical patterns appear in a row.
ST-Computer PD 274
    Fast editor.
  • TSH
    Shell for the TeX system (S 250-254).
ST-Computer PD 275
  • Quick Index
    Determines how fast your ST really performs. CPU and peripherals are thoroughly tested.
  • Quick ST 1.5
    Speeds up most ST software by speeding up screen graphics. Compatible with all ST, STE, and TT computers and monitors.
  • Quick ST Color
    Speeds up most ST software by speeding up screen graphics. Compatible with all ST, STE, and TT computers and monitors.
  • Quick ST Mono
    Speeds up most ST software by speeding up screen graphics. Compatible with all ST, STE, and TT computers and monitors.
ST-Computer PD 276
  • GEM Util
    For manipulating GEM images and metafiles for TeX.
  • Grafiktreiber TeX
    With these drivers it is possible to output graphics to the monochrome, color monitor and the following printers: HP Laserjet (300x300 dpi), Epson FX (80x72), NEC P6 (180x180), Epson FX (240x216), Epson RX (120x144), NEC P6 (360x360), Epson MX (60x72).
ST-Computer PD 277
  • Laserfonts TeX
    Fonts for HP-Laserjet and compatibles. Metafont is required to use these fonts (S 253-254).
ST-Computer PD 278
  • 8/9-Nadelfonts
    Character sets for 8 and 9 dot matrix printers. Ideal complement to the printer drivers on disk 276.
ST-Computer PD 279
  • Bauphysik
    For heat calculation of a wall
  • Fachwerk
    Calculates 2- and 3-dimensional trusses.
  • FSRacing
    Special gear calculation to optimize the lap times of a motorcycle
  • Getriebe
  • Sauenplaner
    About pig management (agriculture)
  • Winzer
    For fruit and fruit wine production
ST-Computer PD 280
  • Foto-Verwaltung
    Organizer for movies and photos.
  • WFR-Foto
    Good photo calculator for close-up and macro photography.
ST-Computer PD 281
  • NetHack 3.0
    This is the GEM based version of the popular Unix based Dungeons and Dragons type game of the same name. Although it will run on any ST, STE, TT or Falcon with any TV or monitor, it is really designed for 16 colour, 80 column, VGA on the Falcon or TT medium res. The game has a similar feel to the old Gauntlet and Rogue games, although its origins go further back. Wander around, collect objects and potions, cast spells, destroy or avoid nasties and progress from one dungeon to the next. Hardened Nethack players will be glad to know that all the old keyboard commands are still supported as well as the old file format, so you can load in your saved games. If you're into these type of games, Nethack GEM is the best there is. Requires at least 2 Meg of memory. A hard drive is highly recommended but not essential.
ST-Computer PD 282
  • Sokoban TOS
    Intelligent logic game for one player. You have to manage to tidy up the boxes in a twisty room.
  • Unix Moria
    A game which was originally written for UNIX machines before being ported to the ST. It has a similar feel to Hack and Larn
ST-Computer PD 283
  • Turbo Ass 1.5
    Fast assembler system including a debugger as shareware. Syntax check and parsing already at input. Convenient editor with collapse function. Complete libraries for all operating system parts.
ST-Computer PD 284
  • Chemie TeX
    Macros for printing chemical formulas with TeX.
  • Musik TeX
    Macros for printing sheet music with TeX.
  • Punk
    Poppy font for TeX.
  • Testfont
    TeX document for outputting all characters of a font.
ST-Computer PD 285
  • Mogli 1.0
    Standardized library for operating system calls
  • Modula.LPR
  • CFG Install
    Converts 1st WordPlus printer customizations HEX to CFG files and vice versa.
  • Cardinal
    Implementation of extra long integers in Modula
ST-Computer PD 286
  • FreeDrum II
    Rhythm generator with sampled drum sounds. In a sequence list the beats and the desired sounds can be specified. Via an audio amplifier remarkable sounds can be obtained. With 40 sounds
ST-Computer PD 287
  • AppelHei
    Fast calculation of Mandelbrot set. Support of very large images with up to 256 colors, which can be displayed on an appropriate graphics card.
  • Erdkugel 89
    Real-time animation program. The globe is moved in space at 4 frames per second. Rotation, position and distance can be manipulated via keyboard. Runs on Matrix M 110 large screen
  • IFS-Grafik
    For representing mathematical figures based on iterated functions
ST-Computer PD 288
  • DGDB 2
    2nd part of the DGDB (S 23, 139).  Make your way through a labyrinth full of dangers and obstacles. Incl. editor for changing all characters. Only runs with TOS 1.0
ST-Computer PD 289
  • Imperium
    Versatile strategy game for 1-8 conquerors. Each player has combat units available, which differ in combat strength and purpose. If you succeed in using land, air and naval forces correctly, you will take more and more cities and win production bases.
  • Scooter
    Action game. On the way through a labyrinth you have to overcome different obstacles
ST-Computer PD 290
  • Tetris (Grothmann)
    Tetris variation, with source in C
  • Greece
    Tetris variation
  • Stones
  • Biker
    As a stuntman, you drive a hot two-wheeled machine and have to be careful not to hit ground obstacles or flying objects in the air.
ST-Computer PD 291
  • Big Deal
    Strategy game for up to six players. Warfare, espionage, sabotage, bombings and assassinations, but also peaceful trade are part of everyday life in this unusual game
ST-Computer PD 292
  • Druckertreiber für Wordplus (1)
    Printer driver for Wordplus and the following printers: Star NL-10, NC-10, LC 24-10, NB 24-10, XB 24, Brother M 109 and Panasonic 1081 and PG 100.
ST-Computer PD 293
ST-Computer PD 294
  • Auto Sculpt 3D
    Editor for editing CAD 3D objects, which is only needed to view the objects. By macro programming even complex figures can be created.
ST-Computer PD 295
  • UniTerm 2.0e
    UniTerm version 2.0c by Simon Poole is one of the classic term programs for the ST. This version offers the following improvements over previous versions: Remote Macro commands can now be disabled, an error message is displayed if this feature is used while turned off. VT52 cursor keys and PF1 to PF4 work again.
ST-Computer PD 296
  • Laborant ST/TT Plus
    Laborant ST/TT Plus version 1.24 by Jens Schulz - the "Universal Chemistry Package". A high quality chemistry program.
ST-Computer PD 297
  • Osmochem
    Program for fragrance determination using topological matrices
  • Molmasse
    Calculates the molar mass from a sum formula.
  • Chemiker 1.0
    Chemical information and database system. Contains detailed information on all elements of the periodic table, on reactions, compounds and chemical laws. Shows graphically different ring systems, structure of organic and amino acids.
ST-Computer PD 298
  • Elektrobib
    Simple calculations from Ohm's law. Voltage drops, cross-sectional calculations, battery charging times, power calculations, etc.
  • Netzwerk
    Network analysis, for the calculation of any network consisting of inductors, capacitances, active, reactive and complex resistances. Any number of components, transfer function, floor diagram
  • Neviza Komplex
    Extensive program from the communications engineering area. It calculates and analyses characteristics of a network or of four or two poles. Table of values as well as graphic representation of the magnitude, phase and locus curve.
ST-Computer PD 299
  • 1st Konvert
    Converts ASCII files to 1st Word format. The different types of spaces are taken into account, so that the documents can be formatted in 1st Word. MS-DOS text files can also be transferred correctly by the 'ß' conversion.
  • WP-Pack
    Extensive and powerful conversion program written in SPC Modula for printing Wordplus documents, converting ASCII to WP documents, converting WP to ASCII documents, reformatting WP documents (WP to WP), converting WP 3.15 in WP 2.1 Documents, creating a scientific index (the lines with leading numbers, such as '3.1.5 The Index System', are extracted from the document), creating a general index (e.g. all words longer than 3 characters) with inclusion or exclusion list...
  • WPlusTeX
    Program that converts Wordplus texts to TeX (S 250-254). In addition to all attributes, footnotes and graphics are also transferred. The program offers an easy introduction to TeX, because old texts are taken over and can now be printed with the great font quality of TeX. Diploma or examination papers or presentations or dissertations can still be written in 1st Word and then converted to TeX. Formatting commands, justification, page ends, etc. are taken over, and TeX takes care of automatic separation.
ST-Computer PD 300
  • FastCopy 3
    Powerful and fast copy program. Copy only used sectors, change format when copying, repair defective disks, copy certain tracks, multiple copy, copy Spectre format, create MS-DOS format and much more.

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