ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 501
  • Alice - Another Little C Editor 1.3
    ALICE - Another Little C Editor by Ralf Kaufmann is a GEM based text editor for the Atari ST computer line.
  • Mietspiegel
    Calculation of the local average rent for Munich.
  • Rhythmus
    Calculates the oscillations of the natural biorythms for body, soul and spirit, including partner comparison.
  • Rushes 1.33
    Appointment calendar for long and medium term time planning. One entry per day
  • Schacharchiv
    Allows the comfortable input and management of interesting chess games. Games in the archive are started by mouse click and displayed on the board. The author offers 3 archive disks with 200 games each.
ST-Computer PD 502
  • Peking (1991)
    Peking is a board game which should also be known as Shanghai. The aim of the game is to remove the game pieces from the board according to certain rules until there are no pieces left. A two-player mode is also available on request.
  • Shift zwei
    Strategy game. Pieces with the same symbol are removed from the board when they touch each other. 200 levels
  • Siebzehn und Vier
    Simple conversion of the well-known card game
ST-Computer PD 503
ST-Computer PD 504
  • SY22Edit
    Editor for the Yamaha synthesizer with many functions
ST-Computer PD 505
  • Album '92
    Image editing. Creating cliparts from images of different formats
  • Uni-Lex 1.40
    Lexicon system that can also be used as a dictionary. Two specialized dictionaries are already included (computer, remote data transmission).
  • Vokabula 1.0
    English learning program
ST-Computer PD 506
  • Mastermind.CPX
  • Teleinx
    With TELIINX.CPX you can easily provide telephone numbers and addresses for retrieval. The telephone numbers can be stored in a simple ASCII file or exported from an existing database.
  • SpoolCPX
    Spooler configurable via XControl.
  • Solitaer
  • Rechnung
    Invoicing and small income/expense accounting
  • Monolupe
  • FixFax
    FixFax prints the title page for a fax. The page can also be used for short messages via fax.
  • Kalender (CPX)
    KALENDER.CPX provides you with a monthly calendar in the control panel window. The month and year can be freely selected.  Use the mouse to navigate through the calendar. All public holidays are listed (but not every day is a public holiday in every state).
  • Hypertext ST
    Hypertext system
  • Horror-Puzzel
    Sliding puzzle CPX game on a 7 by 7 grid.
  • Finanz 1.00
    Invoicing and small income/expense accounting
  • Disk Formatter
    Formatting in the background.
  • Bootreg
    BOOTREG.CPX remembers the date and time of the last boot processes (in which it was booted).
  • Biorythm
ST-Computer PD 507
  • ASCII-Print
    Creation and printing of ASCII documents.
  • HD_Prof
    Information about various system and hard disk parameters.
  • Little Net
    With the LITT_NET.ACC you can connect two ATARI ST via MIDI. To do this, you must either connect MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the two computers using two ready-made stereo cables, or make a suitable cable yourself. Connect pin 4 and 5 of MIDI OUT with pin 4 and 5 (i.e. 4 to 4 and 5 to 5) of MIDI IN of the other computer.
ST-Computer PD 508 Missing
  • Finanzsoftware
    Extensive financial mathematical calculations, e.g. savings contracts, loans, leasing
  • Kassa
    Small financial accounting for private and small companies with completely revised user interface. Many new functions, e.g. automatic dunning process or creation of invoices. Shareware. A manual is available for registered users, and there is the possibility to get samples (approx. 2.1 MB) for CrazySounds for an additional charge, to make it even easier to use.
ST-Computer PD 509
  • Bankier
    Using a simple concept, knowledge of finance and banking as well as general economic relationships can be tested and expanded.
ST-Computer PD 510
ST-Computer PD 511
  • GnuPlot
    Ultimate plotting program for plotting functions or data sets. Output to screen, Epson printer, Postscript, LaTex etc.
ST-Computer PD 512
ST-Computer PD 513
ST-Computer PD 514
ST-Computer PD 515
  • ChemCalc 1.9
    Scientific calculator with auxiliary programs, all running as ACC or APP, results can be transferred directly into other programs, on request also in TeX notation, calculation protocol, for chemists molar mass calculation, period system, manual with many data. Works from ST-Mid, MTOS...
  • Laborant ST/TT Plus 1.23
    Laborant ST/TT Plus version 1.24 by Jens Schulz - the "Universal Chemistry Package". A high quality chemistry program.
  • Molmasse
    Calculates the molar mass from a sum formula.
ST-Computer PD 516
  • Beta Tau
    Action game (successor to Eiskalt and Eiskalt II)
  • Ökotego
    Ökotego is an environmental game in which the interaction of different factors should be included in the decision-making process. This requires 'networked thinking', which can be practiced with Ökotego. The user should increase the quality of life and stabilize the living environment by influencing production, environmental protection, education, etc. by assigning action points.
ST-Computer PD 517
  • Shocker - Mad Martin's Revenge
    Follow-up to Thriller. In the PD version only the first 10 levels are playable. 4U-exclusive version of the top game freely playable up to level 22.
ST-Computer PD 518
  • Laser Design Pro 1.0
    Pixel drawing program that leaves nothing to be desired. With 3D part - extensive drawing functions - numerous image and block formats etc. GDOS and Signum! fonts. Only works in ST-high! Supports almost all common printers: 9-/24-needles, ink and laser printers.
ST-Computer PD 519
  • Das Geheimnis von Midgard
    Role playing game. Strange things are happening in the medieval capital Midgard. The king of the country has asked you for help. You have to look around the royal palace and the city and try to discover all the secrets. You will find many enemies and few friends.
  • Sumkuvit's Labyrinth II
    Adventure with dialog control. In the labyrinth, which is arranged in a mountain range, many traps and monsters are hidden. With sword, shield and 10 meals you have to find a way out.
ST-Computer PD 520
ST-Computer PD 521
  • 8/16 MHz
    Utility for Mega STE.
  • Barcode-Generator
    The program is only useful for owners of video recorders with barcode reading pen (Panasonic and Blaupunkt).
  • Baschon
    BASCHON is a screen saver especially for the PC/AT emulators of the companies Sack Electronic and Vortex. It combines extremely low memory requirements with high comfort and effectiveness. This release also contains a second screen saver of the same type and a version specially adapted to the ATonce series from Vortex.
  • Cookies
    An overview of all cookies in the system
  • File Info
    A small CPX module for setting flags, time...
  • Fix GDOS
    Eliminates problems of improperly programmed programs with GDOS or AMCGDOS (also STE).
  • Mem Show
    Permanent display of free memory.
  • NVDI Conf
  • Opaque Icons
    More desktop icons for Opaque.
  • Show System
    CPX module for inspecting the system
ST-Computer PD 522
ST-Computer PD 523
ST-Computer PD 524 Missing
  • Stundenverteilung
    Creates a timetable for a school: distribution of subjects and classes to the existing teacher hours and distribution to weekdays/lessons and subject rooms.
  • PlanSTe
    Time management program
ST-Computer PD 525
  • Key-Drum 1.03
    Master Keyboard: This makes any keyboard with MIDI in/out a master keyboard with 4-way split. There are several features per split and channel that make this disk indispensable for the MIDI enthusiast. Drum computer: Works with 1/16 note resolution. Per note you can select 5 different dynamic levels.
  • Abbreviation
    1,400 standard abbreviations and others from the IT sector.
  • GP8 Editor
    For the Roland guitar effect processor (ST,STE)
ST-Computer PD 526
ST-Computer PD 527
ST-Computer PD 528
  • Cartella
    Conversion of HPGL files to control stepper motors for plotters
  • Starmaps 0.81
    STARMAPS is an astronomical program and is produced for the amateur astronomer.
ST-Computer PD 529
  • HP Deskjet Druckertreiber
    Printer driver for Wordplus and Edison.
  • MakeDisk 2.52
    Formats floppy disks (also IBM) and then automatically copies certain programs and files to them (e.g. IBM system files or auto folders).
  • MIDI 8031
    Example programs for the article series in the ST-Computer.
  • DOOtoICN
    Convert pixel images to RCS readable ICN format.
  • Back-Ex
    Searches the disk/hard disk for files with defined extensions and deletes them optionally. This is useful, e.g. to delete all BAK files. The program is fully written using GEM and therefore runs on monochrome, color and large screen. Runs without problems with any TOS version, even on the Atari TT.
  • Botafogo
    Programming utility for GFA-Basic.
ST-Computer PD 530
  • Totokat 3.0
    Can statistically record and evaluate draws of the selection bet 6 out of 45 and display them in various diagrams. With the mouse, normal and system tickets can be filled out on the screen and compared with previous draws. The presumed win is estimated. The completed tickets can be recorded and stored in a database. Balancing is possible at any time and is supported by a special Toto-Analysis-IndeX (TAX).
  • FDDK
    Fax Driver Developer Kit for C programmers.
  • Chronos 1.24
    Chronos is a shareware calender and dating system for the Atari ST.
ST-Computer PD 531
  • EdiTeX 1.81
    Text editor for processing TeX documents, including import and conversion of Wordplus documents
  • Tabwrite
    Editor especially for short texts that should also contain lines, e.g. tables and diagrams
ST-Computer PD 532
ST-Computer PD 533
  • Gauss 2.7
    Gauss is an extremely powerful function plotter program for the Atari ST.
  • Heilen
    Database on naturopathy.
ST-Computer PD 534
    With DMA_PLAY you can play all samples in STE format.
ST-Computer PD 535
  • Sample
    Printed circuit board suggestions in ST-Computer (only STE/TT).
ST-Computer PD 536
  • Text 500
    Text editor especially for HP Deskjet 500, also suitable for word processing
ST-Computer PD 537
  • 4 verliert
  • Dodg'em 2
    You must steer your car around the track collecting the power pills but avoiding crashing into the other driver. The game's very fast and steering is not at all easy. Lose all your lives and the computer laughs at you!
  • The House Quest I - The Search for the lost Amtmann
    Textadventure with mouse control. The story : The player has to carry out a dangerous mission as an agent of the United Nations Secret Service and save the world in the process.
ST-Computer PD 538
  • Audio Manager 2.0
    Management of extensive music collections (LP, CD, MC, DAT, Hifi-VHS)
  • Discothek 4.0
    The! Music management from Tigersoft in version 4.1. Works in all resolutions of the TT, even on large screens, and a driver for the HP Deskjet has been integrated. With Discothek you can easily manage even the largest music collection. The program offers all conceivable search functions with logging option and additionally a special function to print lists. Your specifications can range from the name of the artist to the maximum and minimum length of a track (useful for scoring movies and filling gaps on cassettes).
ST-Computer PD 539
  • Howold
    Calculates your statistical life expectancy from your lifestyle
  • Adath
    File management for names, books and records.
  • Desert Drain 1.3
    Powerful disassembler.
ST-Computer PD 540
  • Celeb 2.0
    Extensive data collection for chemists.
  • Graham 1.3
    Additional application for Celeb for conversion of all chemical units
ST-Computer PD 541
ST-Computer PD 542
  • Druckertreiber Adimens/Phoenix
    22 printer drivers for HP-Deskjet 500, especially for Phoenix and Adimens (incl. landscape printing).
  • EasyFSel
    Routines in C for the file selector. Collection of functions in C language, which considerably simplifies the handling of the file selector box and files.
  • Konvert.CPX
    CPX module for converting decimal-hexadecimal.
  • TOS-Manager
    File utility.
  • TTP-Tools
    Small collection of utility programs: Args, Crypt, Filestat, Mkusage, Physdel, XFilter.
  • WinX 2.0
    Winx by Martin Osieka expands GEM in TOS versions up to version 4.04 to include some of the features which are available in MultiTOS. From users point of view this means (among other stuff) more windows allowed, enhanced control elements for background windows and an expanded user interface. Additionally some bugs and deficiencies of the different GEM versions have been removed or repaired.
  • Karma 1.0 (Shareware)
    Reads and writes almost all common graphic formats.
ST-Computer PD 543
  • Wega Light
    A whole disk full of helper routines for developing programs and accessories under Pure-C. Offshoot of the well-known WEGA Developer Kit, some features of the big version are missing.
ST-Computer PD 544
  • MidiOUT
    The program is intended for keyboardists who use an Atari and don't want to be constantly 'plugging' their MIDI cables when they want to try something out. MidiOUT, which also runs as an accessory, can switch MIDI-Thru on/off, switch a hex display of MIDI events on/off and display MIDI events in plain text
  • MIDIplay
    Loading and playing samples of the Sample Wizzard STE (Galactic) (STE/TT only).
ST-Computer PD 545
  • Shift 3
    Improvement of the button game.
  • Gift? 5.02s
    Data collection on colorants, preservatives, antioxidants and stabilizers. The program indicates e.g. for e-substances their origin, products, effects and side effects.
  • Murphys Gesetz
ST-Computer PD 546
  • Vereine
    Club management based on Adimens
ST-Computer PD 547
  • Arrowfix 1.3
    This program fixes some bugs that have cropped up around the AES management of WM_ARROWED messages in TOS 2.06/3.06.
  • GemRam 1.1
    GEMRAM installs a copy of GEM in RAM. This is necessary if you use patch programs like WINX, ARROWFIX or SHBUF.
  • GFA-Menu-Deluxe
    Extended version of the Menux program of GFA-Basic 3.x.
  • How Fast
    How Fast is a utility that will tell you how fast the various disks (hard drives, ram disks, etc) connected to your computer are performing. Program and docs are in German.
  • N-Joy Remote
    Enables the control of an Atari via a joystick, useful e.g. for musicians during stage performances. Setup files for controlling Cubase, Notator etc. are included.
  • SeekUp
    Switches off the doubling of the seek rate used in TOS 2.06.
  • ShBuf 1.0
    Patch program to increase the buffer for the newdesk.inf from 4 to max 32 KB.
  • TOSCRC 1.0
    Calculates and compares the checksums of TOS from 2.06/3.06.
  • Winni 2.0
    Utility for WinX.
ST-Computer PD 548
  • Startext
    Powerful word processor with dictionary, spell checker and much more
ST-Computer PD 549
  • C-Gineer 403
    A program for easy creation of chemical structural formulas - to create a 2D structural formula editor based on atomic connectivity matrices, the latter the only form of 'pioneering' in this program.
  • X-Gineer 5.41
    Chemistry program for the ST.
ST-Computer PD 550
  • Crack Art
    Crack Art is a great paint program from Germany. Includes docs in both English and German.

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