ST-Computer PD - Public Domain

ST-Computer, also known as "series S", is one of the biggest public domain series for the Atari ST at 1000 disks. Originally published from 1986 to 1996, the series showed the growing sophistication of Atari ST software and the slow change towards more multitasking-friendly and cleanly written applications.

ST-Computer PD 951
  • JML-Snapshot
    A snapshot program, for all resolutions and colour depths. Storage formats (X)IMG, IFF and TIFF; in German and English
  • JML-zMod
  • Stewart
    A utility that changes the look of a computer under MagiC! (grey menus, spinboxes, rounded corners etc.)
  • StIc
    A universal icon server (e.g. for Stewart and NoThing)
  • Style
ST-Computer PD 952
ST-Computer PD 953
  • PCE-Kommunikation 2.50
  • Sharp ST Connection
    Enables data exchange between Sharp PC pocket computer and Atari ST. Transfers a maximum of 200 bytes of data.
ST-Computer PD 954
  • Bicalc (Desk Calculator)
  • Clock.Acc
  • Crabs
  • Digi/Ührli
  • Directory Print
  • Disco
  • Free RAM Size
  • Goodies
  • Heure
  • HPlike
  • Loupe
  • Othello
  • Puzzle
  • Rasta-Calc
  • ST-68k Aid
  • ST-Sheet
  • Word Count
  • Word400
    WORD400 is a mini-text editor which operates as a desk accessory
ST-Computer PD 955
  • 500 Icons
ST-Computer PD 956
  • Icons_90
  • Icons.Nic
  • Neo4Icon
  • Neodesk 639
  • NeoDk3IK
  • Nic.Fld
ST-Computer PD 957
  • Icneum
ST-Computer PD 958
  • Mandel-ST
  • Winglord
    You take on the role of a knight mounted upon a flying unicorn and must defeat your opponents in a joust. However, not only can your unicorn run, he can also fly and shoot missiles as can a number of your opponents. Your enemies come in waves and also in a variety of forms, each with different attributes. A one or two player game.
  • Zaptastic
    Remember Jeff Minter's Anticipal on the C64? Well this is basically it on the ST! It's essentially a madcap shoot 'em up in which your aim is to eliminate everything that moves in all 64 rooms within the set time limit. It's odd, it's weird but it's great fun too.
ST-Computer PD 959
  • MControl
    MControl is a system preferences control tool that was intended to ship as a software bundle with the Milan 060 computer system. It runs on every TOS compatible operating system and can be run either as application or as accessory. MControl is subject to the BSD Licence.
  • Milan Sound Demo
    Most people know that the Milan has only one sound channel which is good to port PC "sounds" but bad to create a decent melody. This demo shows that a melody is possible. It plays the "Flohwalzer" on the one sound channel which is normally used for the key click.
ST-Computer PD 960 Missing
ST-Computer PD 961
  • Magic Synth 2.5
  • Turbochip 0.3
    Turbochip is a new software synthesizer tracker/sequencer for all Ataris with DMA sound (STE, TT, Falcon). Sound chips, which are used for example in the Japanese PC engine, served as model. Wavetables, short sample sounds, are used, in addition the YM sound is mixed with the DMA sound. By combining different techniques, Turbochip plays tracks with up to seven channels.
ST-Computer PD 962
  • ProScore Demo
ST-Computer PD 963
ST-Computer PD 964
  • Cuba Libre
    Cuba Libre is a program that shows you how to solve Rubik's Cube.
  • Pinguin
    A rather curious adaptation of the familiar minesweeper type game where you must uncover all squares on the grid which do not contain a penguin. The squares which surround a penguin always indicate how many penguins are in adjoining squares. A number of preset grid sizes are available or you can design your own. You can also decide how many penguins will be hidden in the grid. SpeedoGDOS and Multi- TOS compatible. NOT TOS 1.0.
ST-Computer PD 965
ST-Computer PD 966
  • Windom 2.0.1
    Windom is a C library to make GEM programming very easy. With the help of Windom, you can focus on programming the real job of your application, and let Windom handle complex and "automatic" GEM stuff (toolbar, forms, menu in windows...).
ST-Computer PD 967
  • Mandel ST
  • Robotz
    The deep space exploration ship DARWIN 8 has been invaded by hostile alien robots. As the last surviving crew member it is your job to deal with the problem.
ST-Computer PD 968
  • BoxKite 2.33d
    The alternative file selector Boxkite makes the extended calls of MagiC available on other operating systems as well. Up to 32 drives are supported, provided that the six additional drives carry the numbers 1 to 6. Boxkite can be opened up to eight times as a window and now supports proportional system fonts. It comes in full 3D look and as a window.
  • Videlity
    Videlity, resolution enhancer for Falcon systems.
ST-Computer PD 969
  • Harddisk-Optimizer 2.8
    OPTIMIZE, hard disk optimizer and defragmentation tool. Warning: Reset or power failure during optimization will be penalized with the total loss of the partition concerned! Logical and physical check, recovery of "lost" clusters. Supports VFAT, large partitions and BigDOS. NEW: BigDOS, corrections.
  • Karte
  • Mosaik
    The symbols on the board can be removed in pairs by simply clicking on them; two stones can be removed if they can be connected by a line with no more than two corners so that the connecting line does not intersect other stones.
  • Mouse
  • Numbers
    Small puzzle game in GEM style, which should run on all Atari computers.
  • T-Con 1.02
    T-CON V1.02 by Holger Weets is a small tool that can be used for multitasking operation to redirect the output of TOS programs into a window, i.e. it is specifically designed for users who use Thing and CAT with filters.
ST-Computer PD 970
ST-Computer PD 971
  • Stichwort 1.00
    Handling of formatted data sets.
  • VT52
    Program package for recording and playing back VT52 sequences in real time.
ST-Computer PD 972
  • Bad Remix
    Unusual demo of the scene group Dekadence: Letters dance across the screen and merge into ever new shapes. The letter soup from this year's Sommarhack runs on all Ataris STs from 1 MB RAM.
ST-Computer PD 973
  • 3D Asteroids
  • Attack of the Dangerous Alien Gun
ST-Computer PD 974
ST-Computer PD 975
  • Cloe
    CLOE is a complete raytracer, which is available for different systems. Unfortunately, a shell for the Atari version does not exist, the application is completely fed with commands from the command line.
ST-Computer PD 976
  • Puzzle 97
    A jigsaw puzzle game which runs in any resolution. Load up an IMG file (its colour depth must not exceed that of the current resolution) and select whether you want the puzzle made up from large, medium or small sized pieces. The actual number of pieces varies dependent on the size of the image. You are then presented with a conventional jigsaw puzzle on screen in a scrollable GEM window. Unlike the real life scenario, all pieces are the right way up. You can place pieces directly onto the playing area or build up sections of the puzzle independently of each other then move them into place on the main puzzle. Unfortunately the program and docs are in German and Polish but it can be picked up in five minutes as everyone knows how to make up a jigsaw puzzle! This is the best ever attempt at such a program. Several example files are supplied on disk and you can save semi-completed puzzles at any time and resume them at a later date. On an STE, TT or Falcon, you even get stereo sound effects! Runs fine on an FM too. If you don't have NVDI installed, you need to run the supplied ENHANCER program, otherwise PUZZLE97 won't work.
  • VDI-Enhancer
    The Enhancer extends the ATARI VDI with the new VDI functions for managing off-screen bitmaps and with the function vq_scrninfo(). Already included in NVDI.
ST-Computer PD 977
  • BDU
  • BED
  • Quarx
    Quarx is a powerful editor that fully integrates into an existing PureC or TurboC development environment. Due to its extensive project support, Quarx is particularly suitable for handling complex programming tasks. The easy integration of the existing components of the development environment makes PureC easy to use and offers a GUI in a modern GEM environment.
  • Rayoid
ST-Computer PD 978
  • Bermuda Clock 1.1
  • BoinkSave
  • Capslock
  • Captain Hook
  • Darkroom
    The basic function of DARKROOM is to supply information to the X10 CONTROLLER so that the X10 may control electrical devices in your home. Up to 256 distinct addresses may be controlled using up to 128 steps. As many devices as desired may use the same address as long as the action desired is the same.
  • DeskPac Plus
  • Dr. Flop E. Disk
  • Firework
  • Fishes
ST-Computer PD 979
  • Gbanner
  • Handy
  • Icon Juggler 1.2
    Icon Juggler lets you create your own set of icons for Atari's NewDesk. The desktop uses the icons contained in the file DESKICON.RSC. You can load icons from any popular format and save them as your own personalized set.
  • Icon Manager 0.60
  • IconDesk
ST-Computer PD 980
  • Fracland
  • Fracta
  • M16
  • ST Doodle 1.0b
    ST DOODLE 1.0 is a very simplistic paint program that allows the user to create computer graphics on the monochrome screen. It was primarily designed to allow the user just to tinker around with various graphics commands.
  • Summit
ST-Computer PD 981
  • 4Wins
  • Covermus
  • Metamorphosis
  • ST-Page
  • Text Analyzer
    This will analyze your text and give you a grade level and FOG index, as well as a word count and some other info.
  • Tumble ST 2.09
ST-Computer PD 982
  • GEM-Manager 0.96
    As the name suggests, this is a football manager program which runs in a GEM based shell. It handles English Premier League, Italian Division A and Swedish Allsvenskan. All teams and players are correct for the 1995/96 season but can be edited to suit. Similarly, the teams and their managers are also editable. You can even change the number of teams in the league, name of the league and other details. Like other manager type games, you can buy and sell players and have to avoid going bust! Statistics are given for player attributes, top scorers, league tables and much more. You also get the option to "see" the match. This gives you a running commentary (text not speech) throughout the match and you hear the noise of the crowd and the players on the pitch, all in glorious stereo! A well thought out football manager game which is multi-tasking friendly, runs in any resolution and is customisable to take account of player/manager changes, promotion/relegation and such like.
  • GEMvelope 2.96
    GEMvelope allows you to print envelopes on almost any printer. Laser (and most other) printers will not feed an envelope so that you may print across it. GEMvelope solves this problem allowing you to print even legal size envelopes on virtually all laser printers and dot matrix printers.
ST-Computer PD 983
  • Overdrive
    A racing game played against two computer opponents. There are 25 different tracks (you race 5 laps on each) to complete. You do not have to win every race but you do need to maintain the lead, otherwise the game ends. If you do complete all 25 tracks, it's back to the beginning but the gameplay accelerates.
ST-Computer PD 984
  • ST Writer Elite 4.8
    On the 8-bit Ataris the Atari Writer was a very popular editor. Less known is its ST counterpart, the ST Writer Elite. Never commercially distributed, the full-screen text editor has been updated several times.
ST-Computer PD 985
ST-Computer PD 986
  • Maze Combat 1.095
    Modem game for two players in the low ST resolution. A solo mode is included, but more for practice.
  • Quadron 1.08
    2D Tetris variant, where stones fall down in two planes. Good graphics and digi sound. Written in Omicron.BASIC + Games Lib.
ST-Computer PD 987
ST-Computer PD 988
  • Mafia Brothers 0.9.7
    The year is 1914. A mafia boss named Ivanio Treniggia had control over all the greater cities in the world. Soon his underground empire was so strong that he were about to capture a hole city with force, but... On the 13 December 1913, he was shot by an unknown sniper. You are now controlling one of Ivanio Treniggias friends. Your task is to get as high rank as possible. To do that you need to buy as many bootleggers, houseworkers, blackmailers, limousines and a lot more, as you possible can.
ST-Computer PD 989
  • Riff-O-Rama
    RIFF-O-RAMA is a (very) simple sequencer for writing repeating riffs containing up to 16 notes. An effect similar to an arpeggiator on an analogue synth can easily be obtained. It sends Midi clock data(Start,stop) so that it can be recorded on an external sequencer. It does not respond to incoming clocks.
  • Take500 1.0
    Editor/librarian for the Yamaha TG500 from Yamaha itself. With English quick start guide.
  • Tony 1.0
    Editor/librarian for the Yamaha TG100. Voices and multi-sets can be edited, there is a help function within the program. Only for the high resolution, from 1 MB.
ST-Computer PD 990
  • Midian
    A pattern based sequencer with up to 10000 notes in the unregistered shareware version
ST-Computer PD 991
  • Magic Stones 1.04
    Select from three games, all based around the Tetris theme. Tetris is a traditional clone of the game. Bitris is a two player version and Columns is very similar in style but rows can be made vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
  • Mariant 1.0
    Mariant is played with 104 cards (2 packs). The aim of the game is to sort all the cards in the 8 suits.
  • One Jack
  • Origami
  • Squirl
ST-Computer PD 992
  • EdWin
    The embryo of a new Diary & EdHak. How SMALL is it? The program size is under 6K and when loaded it takes up a mere 10K of ram!! Small enough to fit on anyone's machine. Maximum file size = 2K (2048 bytes). Renaming changes from ACC to PRG.
  • Explorer 32 2.10
  • Scribe 1.2
    SCRIBE is a fast and easy-to-use text editor. It can be used for any text editing purpose, such as preparing text for use in a word processor or desktop publishing program, creating program source code, or modifying auxiliary files such as DESKTOP.INF
  • Twinz
ST-Computer PD 993
  • Atari Environment Manager 1.0
  • HideAway 1.1.4
  • No Green 0.95
  • Portfolio Partner 1.9
    With Portfolio Partner, the address book is conveniently edited on the ST and then transferred to the Portfolio.
  • S_Ball
  • Sentinel 1.0
ST-Computer PD 994
  • Easy Go 2.0
  • HPStudio
  • Magic Painter 1.4
    Simple painting program
  • Robugs
    Design and build your own robots and watch them interact on a playfield which you also design. A very involved and challenging game.

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